Employee Rights in the Workplace


The employment law covers all the rights and obligations of the employer and the employment relationship which includes not only current employees but also retained employees and work applicants. The employee rights and regulations involve business which is related to many legal disputes and the complexity of employment relationships arise in a wide variety of situations that some employment law involves legal issues such as:

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Wages
  • Overtime
  • Workplace Safety

Whether the employer, employee or job seeker, must understand employee rights, it is crucial to a healthy and functioning workplace.

Other important employee rights include:

  • Right to be free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Right to a safe workplace.
  • Right to free of dangerous conditions, toxic substances, or any potential safety hazards.
  • Right to be free from retaliation.
  • The right to fair wages for work performed.

Federal Laws That Protect Employees

The eight key federal protections afforded employees is:

❖        The Minimum Wage

❖        Workplace Safety

❖        Health Coverage

❖        Social Security

❖        Unemployment Benefits

❖        Whistleblower Protections

❖        Family Leave

❖        Employment-Based Discrimination

Wrongful Termination

Many individuals who are terminated from their job feel their termination is almost wrongful especially if it was done without any cause of wrongful termination is quite specific. The wrongfully terminated based on her race, gender, any ethnic background, religion, or disability. or fired for an unnecessary reason and involves certain violations of federal anti-discrimination laws or a contractual breach. The legal complaint against the employer adverse actions is considered as retaliation and is considered as unlawful.

Employee Benefits Services

The employee benefits attorneys at Pierce McCoy, PLLC represents employment claims for benefits offered through an employer individual policy secured outside of their employment. Whether the employee or worker has been wrongfully terminated or sexually harassed, or they have been placed in motion to remove you from a private-sector job, Mccoy firm aims to work for victim employers and continuously guide them through the legal process and to know their rights of every step.