Factors To Consider While Shopping For A TV Wall Mount


Purchasing a brand new television is definitely a very exciting experience, especially if you are going for the latest technology television. However, post buying your new television, it’s time to decide about its location where you should be placing it. A good location for your television ensures a good display as well as glamorous fitting in the living area or the bedroom and also an optimum viewing experience.

Undoubtedly, a television wall mount is one of the best solutions for giving your television the display that it deserves. However, having a clear idea about your television is very important before you buy a TV wall mount.

So here are the factors to consider before buying TV wall mount

  • Take measurements of your television either from the user guide or with a simple measuring tape. If you are buying online then you can simply go through the product details online and get the measurements. The other specifications that you must know about your television are its weight without the stand, dimensions of the TV and bolt hole spacing for bracket attachment. You might not find the measurements for bracket space easily, especially if you are buying TV online. In such cases, the universal brackets are the best options as they are flexible and cost-effective.
  • Choose the wall where you want to put up your TV. You can’t hang your TV just anywhere. Large TVs need big brackets. You should also measure the standard stud spacing on the walls. Check that the intended wall has adequate support to go with the width of the bracket.
  • Measure the area where you will be putting up the TV. You also need to think about how high up you want to place the TV.
  • Before buying your TV wall mount you should ensure that you have chosen the best quality wall mounts for your TV. It should be simple yet safe to install.
  • It is best to go for wall mounts that have ▪︎ Flush or Low Profile (offering minimum space between the TV and the wall). ▪︎ Tilting (angle down TV towards couch for better viewing) and ▪︎ Dual Pivot for corners and better free movement controls

TV wall mount at Primecables.ca are among the best products in the market and they fit most flat-panel TVs and support TVs weighing approximately 50kg and has all important features like accessible tilting and swiveling, along with lifetime warranty.