Fun for the Nail Polishes


Nail polishes are a type of occupational therapy for many women. After all, nothing beats freshly painted nails. But when the paint slowly starts to peel off, then the stress kicks in. We prefer to collect it all as soon as possible and put it back on again. So quite time-consuming. 

That is why we have listed some tips to keep your nail polish on for as long as possible and to keep you and your nails shining for as long as possible. You can check FUN Lacquer for exotic holographic nail polishes for your nails. 

The tips for the best result

Vinegar: this remedy is suitable for many things, including your nails. Clean your nails beforehand with a cotton swab and some vinegar. This removes all bacteria that can prevent your nail polish from sticking correctly.

Basecoat: as soon as your nails are dry after cleaning, apply a basecoat. This may be old news for most, but the base coat is one of the most important ways to keep your nail polish on for as long as possible.

Make sure that you apply all the layers that you use to over the edge. As a result, your nail is better protected as a whole, and your nail polish will come off less quickly. Your nails will also be less likely to break off or tear.

Thin layers: less is more. Better a few thin layers than one very thick layer. If you apply too thick a layer, the liquid will not adhere as well, so that the nail polish will eventually peel off more quickly. So have patience and apply thin layers until the paint is no longer transparent.

No bubbles: no air bubbles must get into your nail polish. Then the polish adheres less well, and your nail polish will peel faster. Fortunately, the air bubbles are easy to prevent. Instead of shaking the jar beforehand, it is best to roll the jar of nail polish between your fingers. Problem solved!

Topcoat: and yes, then, of course, we also have the topcoat there. This should be as natural as the basecoat. The topcoat protects your nail polish against damage, such as cracks. Also, it provides an extra beautiful shine. 

Coldwater: yes, you read that right. When your nails have dried completely, hang them under the cold tap for a while. Why? Giving your nails a cold shower stiffens the nail polish, making it last extra long.

Nails damaged, or will they peel? Do not panic

Okay, we can’t ignore it. Even though we’ve been able to extend the life of your freshly painted nails with these tips, eventually, there will come a time when they start to peel. If it has come to that, there are always a few handy tips to quickly camouflage these beauty problems.

Did you bump your nail, and did a piece peel off? You can remove the bumpy particles with a little bit of nail polish remover and a cotton swab so that your nail is nice and smooth again. Then you can paint a thin layer over it. Nobody realizes.

Is your nail mainly damaged at the edges? Then you can choose to spruce up your nails with a different color, for example. You only apply this other color to the edge of your nail. For example, choose a color with glitter. Chipped edges gone, hello new look.