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Venetian plaster express art and craftsmanship. It is a material used for decorating columns, walls and ceilings. It also referred as marble plaster or a polished plaster. It is a high quality product that lasts for a very long time. Unlike cheap products of plaster which needs to be reapplied again and again these are durable. It can be used different types of surfaces which includes tiles, bricks, wooden boards, etc. It gives your home a rich and sensual texture which is smooth and shiny. It can be used in different forms to create different effects. Evoke Polished Plaster is one of the best company that provides polished plasters. Get more info here

Variety of venetian plaster

  • Stucco polished plaster: It is polished plaster that gives your walls matt effect with subtle shades. It is one of the most renowned type of venetian plaster. It can be used for decorating commercial as well as domestic interiors.
  • Chamois polished plaster: This gives a gentle texture to your home. It gives a feeling of suede because of the microfibers present in the material. It offers a natural shading that makes your walls look elegant.
  • Classic polished plaster: It gives finishing that has high reflective sheen. It looks like a marble with natural shades. They are smooth to touch. It is generally used on walls that are focal points. Background and shade variations are part and parcel of this finish.

Advantages of venetian plaster

  • The walls and columns that are coated with venetian plaster are easy to maintain.
  • Venetian plaster coating increases the durability of the walls and ceilings.
  • Upon using venetian plaster there is will be no need for use of paints.
  • The venetian plaster dry naturally as they material that is porous.
  • It is made of natural materials thus eliminating the risk of deterioration of health.