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You cannot eat your pie and have it too



There is a saying that is you can not eat your pie and have it too. The meaning is simple yet difficult if you go deep into it. You can eat your pie but once you finish eating it you cannot have it anymore. The same thing goes for poker as well. Poker is one of the most played cards game in the world. Thus it can be said that you cannot play poker to have fun but win it too. In poker either you win or you enjoy. Thus there has been a trend increasing with time that encourages cheating in poker. Now you may think it is wrong to cheat in a game but if you ask around the poker circuit you will see that cheating in poker is not that much rare as you have had believed.

How marked cards are made and what else is required for cheating

Now when it comes to cheating in poker there is mainly one way which has been made the most abundant one in the circuit and that is marked cards. Now marked cards are nothing but normal deck of cards with special marking on it. Now there have been several processes which have been deviced by different companies to our dive marked cards. Like for example, there is marked cards which are developed from applying invisible ink; then there are cards which have a special cut to mark them differently. But all these types of marked cards though been deviced cannot be played without the help of some other cheating devices.

How many cheating devices you need to pull off cheating in poker

Now when it comes to poker cheating devices, there are three pieces of the whole set that plays the part. The first one is Infrared goggles it marked playing cards contact lenses. These eye wares actually identify the marked cards with invisible ink. Then there is the specialized mobile phone which helps to send in a signal to the third piece of cheating device that us the ear buds or Bluetooth earplugs. In this way a whole set up of eya wear, application and analyzing device and hearing device work in a synchronized way to help the players win. Thus it is very important that you get the best quality poker cheating devices available in market.

Buy best quality poker cheating devices at a cheaper rate

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