Great For Taking On Combined Camping & Fishing Trips


My teenage son and I make an attempt to take at least 2 big camping/fishing trips every year. We load up my Jeep, which has a tent attachment on it, and try to fit as much camping and fishing gear as we can, however we can, without making it dangerous.

We spend the majority of our trips fly fishing, hiking and off-roading. Our biggest concern with our trips has been fitting our fly fishing rods, since they are not small and take up more space than we’d like. It can be really inconvenient in different situations.

We realized we needed a better solution for our fly fishing gear.  My son was the one who discovered Trouts Fly Fishing and started looking at rod carriers, after talking to a friend’s dad who had tried another brand and wasn’t happy with it. He had since bought one from Trouts Fly Fishing, and was pretty impressed with it.

I went on myself to see about this product. I did a lot of research and ultimately decided that we would go ahead and purchase a Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier. This was probably one of the best purchases I’ve made when it comes to our camping trips. Not only do we use it for transporting our fly fishing rods, but we also store them in there when they are not in use during our trips.

What’s even better about it, is that when we go off-roading, we obviously leave the carrier on top of the Jeep, with the fly fishing rods in them. We don’t like to leave our gear behind when we go, so this is a great solution. They don’t even budge, which is totally relieving and amazing to me at the same time. It definitely gives us peace of mind while on our trips, which leaves more space to enjoy everything, rather than having to worry a lot about other things.

Since I was so happy with the outcome of this purchase, I’ve gone on to purchase other fly fishing related items from Trouts Fly Fishing. They have turned into a trusted company for me to get quality items from. They also have a lot of educational material on their website. I recommend them to every other person I know who is into fly fishing. 

I’m really happy overall with the smoothness of our camping trips. It’s been a really great way to bond with my son, and the less stress we have involved, the better. The time ends up being more quality time spent than scrambling to get everything apart and back together, since we have a place for all of the stuff we use.