How Self-Service Portal Helps Employees In The Organization


Organizations of modern times prefer using software for accounts and HR management. The administrators now are providing the software to employees also so that they can have a customized portal for getting assistance in their jobs. They can reduce the paperwork by replacing it with a tool called self-service portal. Main functions of the self-service portal are:

  1. Recording of the goals and performance: The employees can find what they are supposed to achieve during their tenure in the organization. The whole objective can be broken down into numbers such as monthly target, weekly performance and etc. Employees can record all these work-related information in the self-service portal.
  2. Information management: The employees can create their identity and upload it on the portal while giving a few identities the right to access it. The important information like designation, KRAs, reporting officer, team members can be filled in this portal. Thus, the employees and the authorized team members are able to know each other better through the information management system.
  3. Leave records: The inputs from payroll software can be integrated with the employee self-service portal. Thus, the employees can access their leave records, paid leaves and related information through the portal and be aware of their annual earnings. This information is useful for taxation purposes.
  4. Salary information: The information like salary slips, TDS certificate is also possible to upload on the Employee service portal. The employees can also find the bonus amount, incentives etc. due in the coming times as against the targets achieved. 
  5. Work support: The employees can also upload queries and flag the departments related to these. Thus, the status of the issue is known to the supervisors which definitely leads to speedy resolution.

Thus, the employee portal is tools that can help the organization go systematic with the way they work and create more value for the company.