How To Throw an Unforgettable Literary-Inspired Party


When you think of bookworms, the image that comes to mind may be a quiet homebody who doesn’t do well in large crowds. This stereotype can be misleading, as avid readers can love to socialize as much as anyone else. Here are some party ideas that will have Jay Gatsby wishing he were invited to your place.


Decorations can make or break the entire mood of a party. If you want your party to have a more general “book” theme, you can learn how to make origami flowers out of the pages of books (or printouts that have the same appearance, if that concept is too disturbing). One of the easiest things to decorate with is books, themselves! You can also make place cards out of library checkout cards. If your party is themed after a specific book, there are any number of decorations you can explore based on the setting of the novel.


Most books have several dishes mentioned in them, or at the very least a time period that suggests what cuisine may have been popular at the time. If you aren’t zeroing in on one book, you could highlight dishes from several literary classics to serve at a buffet. There are many ways to incorporate the imagery of a book into your food as well, including edible paper and ink. You could even use edible paper and ink to hold a contest for the best illustration! Another consideration is to print words on small pieces of candy to use to make poetry.


“Bloody Carrie,” “Cherry Poppins,” and “Orange Julius Ceaser” are all cocktails from “Tequila Mockingbird,” bestselling book by Tim Federle. Whether your guests are looking for beer, wine, spirits, or something without alcohol altogether, there is a drink for seemingly everyone in this witty collection (as long as you also like books!).


There are so many great literary-inspired songs that can be used as a soundtrack for a book-themed party. “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush is one of the most obvious examples. “Annabel Lee” by Stevie Nicks will give your party a slightly darker tone. David Bowie based several songs on Orwell’s “1984,” including a song by the same title.

There are many ways to throw an unforgettable book-centric party. The most important thing is to have fun and to celebrate with others the shared love that you all have for all things literary.