Instances To Request Paternity Testing


There are several instances where a paternity test may be requested. These include court-ordered paternity testing, as well as an individual request if a mother is claiming that they are the father. First of all, people may wonder what is a paternity test? A paternity test is a scientific test using blood or other types of DNA to prove that a particular person is a father.

Paternity testing Kansas City is very often requested in civil proceedings. These very often are included in cases of child support. A father may be contesting that they are the father. The court will order a paternity test to award the mother the child support that they are seeking. Paternity testing Kansas City is often ordered by the court if there is a dispute as to who the father is. They have also been used in child custody and child support hearings. They are sometimes used family-based immigration claims as well.

When a court orders a paternity test, although the father can refuse the court will hold him in contempt of court for not complying with the request. Paternity testing can also be done without the father by doing a familial DNA match to the child, or the unborn child. It is important to mention that in this case, a familial DNA match will not hold up in court. This is done for informational purposes only. The father must give consent to the paternity test for it to hold up in court.

Several people can request a paternity test. The mother can request one. The person that thinks that they are the father can request one to see if they are indeed the father. In this case, a man believing that he is the father of a child, even though he is not living with the mother and the child has a presumed father can request a paternity test. However, this must be done before the child turns five years old. The child themselves can request one when they become of age and want to find their biological father. A prosecutor or attorney representing the interests of the child can also hold the father responsible for that child by requesting a paternity test.

There are times when a paternity test can be contested. This would include if the potential father being tested proves infertility or sterility. In this instance, the potential father proves that he is incapable of being the child’s father. Paternity can also be contested if there is evidence that the lab results have been tampered with.

A lot of people are also wondering if they need an attorney when going through a paternity test. A paternity test is an important aspect of family law and parental rights. Having an attorney looking after their rights as a father is not a bad idea. A paternity test can determine whether one will have to pay child support, or if they have parental rights. It is also helpful in determining visitation and custody of the child. A well-qualified family attorney can be helpful in this regard as they are familiar with how family law works. They can help determine the best interests of the father.

A Paternity testing Kansas City is an important part of family law. Paternity testing can determine whether a specific individual is a child’s father. The family court takes the child’s best interests at heart when determining paternity and how to proceed with the support of the child. A lot of times the mother does pick the wrong man as the child’s father. A paternity test can help clarify who the true father is of the child in question.