Mark Roemer Shares How to Live a Classy Lifestyle on A Budget



Almost all of us crave to live our lives like a king. In this materialistic society, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t lust for a luxurious lifestyle. However, it is not easy to achieve such a lifestyle because it depends on the level of your income and not everybody earns a handsome salary. If you do not have the budget but you want to live a classy lifestyle, there is a way to do it. In this article, Mark Roemer shares how to live a classy lifestyle on a budget.

The Ways

  1. Cook for yourself- Eating out regularly eats up a lot of your savings. Consider making your meals at home to have the health benefits as well as to save some money. You can also think about carrying a home-made sandwich for lunch in the office. If you are asking friends over for a mini party, try to cook some dishes at home to save on that huge restaurant bill. Saving on these can help you generate a substantial amount at the end of each month.
  2. Traveling luxuriously- Choose a holiday destination that is beautiful as well as not too expensive. Look out for off-season benefits and book your tickets and hotel well in advance to save some money. You can even ask for an upgrade in your flight and hotels. If you remain loyal to a particular airline and a particular chain of hotels, your chances of upgrading increase substantially.
  3. Rent a dress/suit- For a special occasion you will need clothing that goes with it. Instead of spending on buying designer stuff, try to rent them. They make a mark on the onlookers without being hard on your wallet. The same rule applies to jewelry as well. Go for artificial jewelries that look real and you are ready to hit the party at a nominal cost but with an extravagant look.
  4. Be on the lookout for discounts- Almost every store offers a substantial year-end discount. Be on the lookout for them at your favorite brands. It will allow you to get items at a considerably lower amount than the original price. Stock up on them for yourself and for gift purposes so that you are prepared well in advance without your finances taking a hit.
  5. Live minimalistic- Spend on a couple of clothing that fits and suits you well rather than cluttering your wardrobe with unnecessary stuff. Going for quality over quantity helps you save money and allows you to look elite too. A good set of accessories is always better than going for many cheaper things. The same rule applies for home décor as well. Keeping a few but good pieces alters the ambience of your house to an opulent one. 


It is not tough to live classy on a budget. All you need is careful planning and a smart approach to your financial life. Curb your impulsive shopping habits and spend your money judiciously to get the most of your available source of income. Mark Roemer feels that living on a budget does not mean you have to give up the dream of living luxuriously.