Lotus Traders Clothing on Etsy shop


Finding cute clothes online isn’t that tough of a job but finding one that fits your size can be a problem at times. With so many shapes that women come in, we need more brands and designers who design their clothes keeping inclusivity in mind.

This was one of the primary aims that the Lotus Traders Clothing on Etsy shop had in mind when they launched their brand. They mainly focus on bringing forth Boho Fashion for Women, which more or less puts this as an inclusive brand on the market currently.

Every single piece of clothing that’s displayed in the shop has a very flattering design that suits every body type and skin tone. If you are into unique Boho designs that are feminine and very quirky at the same time, this shop can do wonders for your wardrobe.

How did the brand start?

Lotus traders took birth in Bali. But, the one thing about this brand that stands out is the fact that nothing about setting up this brand was easy.

The owner has been in the garment business for over 30 years now and kickstarted her career in this when she was in her twenties. During that time, she was diagnosed with CFS, a condition now medically termed as Mycoplasma. She suffered for 9 years straight, trying to find a permanent cure for the condition.

Once done with the constant rebutting lifestyle, she packed her bags and just took the money she had and boarded the flight to Bali. She started her brand there and gradually expanded to three shops, a factory and an online presence like never before. She stayed in there for 12 years and propelled her career from nothing to everything.

She lost her stores to Bali bombing, following which she left the place. But, she didn’t let it deter her passion and established everything from scratch again.

Why Lotus Traders?

If you ask why Lotus traders, it is because of the quality that you get along with the trust of the brand. The combination of the two is sure to provide you with the best experience. We are a brand that focusses on Styles that flatter the female form.

For those who like variety, the store is filled with the maximum from which you can pick the one that suits your taste the best. We also offer Sizes S – 5X, which is hard to find and we ship worldwide.

The prices are also quite reasonable and above all, the brand is inclusive to fit women of every shape and size.