How to Track Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing for free?


Mobile phone devices these days are everyone’s cup of tea and you have seen people using this tech –creatures all day long. Today, people spend most of their time on their handsets and connect it with the internet. Therefore, people want to know desperately what other person is doing on their digital device due to a variety of reasons and they want to know it secretly and for free.

 Well! You can wish to anything but it is not possible your every single desire comes true. It is not as easy that you are thinking right now that you can place your years or eyes on something closer and you will have the entire information you need.

Let me clear you, you cannot have someone’s cell phone information unless you steal the without password protected device or someone left the device idle. Instead of that, how you can track someone’s cell phone location without them knowing for free.

On the other hand, if you have got a piece of advice you have visited the web and you have got a free tool to spy on someone’s cell phone. I assure you, rather than tracking someone you are going to break the device or the information you are going to monitor would be breached by the software you have installed on the targeted device. Therefore, don’t even come close to the free tools. In my opinion, you have to have the best phone surveillance software to get the job done.

Track someone’s mobile phone without them knowing with tracking app for phone

You can monitor someone’s mobile or tablet device if you know the operating system of your targeted device. Besides, you need to go to the web on your device connected to the cyberspace and further visit the webpage of the mobile phone tracking software. Now you need to subscribe to the surveillance software for mobile phone.

Now check your email instantly and you will receive credentials. Furthermore, get physical access on the targeted device and once you have then got started with the process of installation. From the time you have done with the installation to the time you ended up with the process of activation, it takes a few minutes only.

 Furthermore, use the credentials that you have received via emails at the time of subscription. It will enable you to get access to the online control panel of the mobile spy software. Let’s get to know about the tools that you can use to do surveillance on the targeted device.

Use mobile phone tracking software tools to monitor someone secretly

Live screen recording

You can record the screen activities of target cell phone device in real-time. Use live screen recorder software that makes capable enough to record short videos of the screen when the target device user is performing activities on the screen. You can watch the live recorded videos by getting access to the electronic web portal.

IM’s Social Media

Now monitor the social media apps and instant messenger activities in terms of logs such as chats conversations, text messages, media files shared in terms of videos, photos, and Voice messages.

Call recording

Record live cell phone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder software and further you can save the recorded calls data of target device on the web portal.

Email Monitoring

User can track emails of Gmail on the target cell phone device using email monitoring software. Furthermore, you can read the content of the emails to know about the nature of the content to know what it’s all about.

Remote phone controller

You can monitor and control the target mobile device remotely and get to know all the apps installed on the targeted device. Besides, you can remotely block incoming calls, text messages, and last but not the least you can block internet access to sabotage all the activities are happening on the target device.

GPS location tracker software

You can get access to target device remotely and let you know the real-time location of the targeted device. Furthermore, you can track location history, weekly location history and weekly location history using Google MAP.


Cell phone surveillance software is the ultimate and reliable tool for you to track the location of the targeted device remotely and without them knowing. However, don’t go for the free tools having an ambiguity in mind that you are saving your money. In reality, you are just wasting your time and money and also putting the target device data into risk.