Low-cost Agriculture Business Ideas for Beginners

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Whether you need a career change or a side business, agriculture can be a way to start. It’s a low-cost business idea simply because you don’t have to be big to try it. This is especially motivational for beginners or novices in agriculture, as the entire process can be rewarding as an experience and a venture. We’ll discuss several viable options if you’re looking for an idea.

Medicinal plant farming

There are many popular medicinal plants you can grow and sell it to those who produce tea, essential oils, tinctures and others. There’s a market for herbs and medicinal plants in every corner of the world, you just need to know which ones you can grow in your area. There are many possibilities, including echinacea, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and calendula.

Organic poultry farming

The need for free-range chicken and other poultry is on the rise. We’re all aware of the fact that industrial farming is not the most ethical or best-quality meat. That’s why many people want to buy organic or free-range chicken. This can incentivise you to turn to organic poultry farming and sell directly to people in your neighbourhood.

Backyard gardening

If you have a backyard and want to get an active hobby, one that will require you to spend a lot of time outside now’s your chance. You can easily unlock the potential of a small space within your own estate and grow vegetables right in your backyard.

You can start by growing some vegetables for yourself, see how it goes and level up the production next year. You can also produce enough to sell to your friends, neighbours or local market.

Accelerate growth rate with hydroponic farming

Consider a specific system for faster growth if you want to accelerate the growth rate. This will help you elevate your backyard farming and help you achieve a faster growth rate and shorter crop cycles. Consider using hydroponic farming techniques to ensure better-growing conditions, nutrient-rich soil, and faster harvesting time. It’s also a great technique for maximising available space as you’ll maximise the yield per square meter.

Maximise space with vertical farming

You can elevate backyard farming even further if you maximise the space available through vertical stacking of plants. This is also one of the modern agriculture techniques, and just like with hydroponic farming, you’ll maximise yield in limited spaces by stacking plants vertically. This is also considered a sustainable approach to agriculture, as you’ll double or even triple the yield per the same amount of growing land.


Beekeeping as a practice is beneficial for agriculture in several ways. We need bees to keep the process of pollination as it’s necessary for fruit production and seed development. Additionally, you can collect honey and have your own honey production. You’ll learn about the complex world of bees, help preserve them, and provide a safe and nourishing environment for them.

Growing mushrooms

Growing mushrooms is a niche business, as you can grow mushrooms for gourmet meals or medicinal purposes. Especially if you want to maximise return on investment, mushrooms offer a high turnover rate. Reishi mushrooms are growing in popularity as they have several medicinal purposes. Thus, if you want to start a mushroom-growing business, it has low space requirements and a quick turnover, making it a low-cost adventure.

Grow flowers

Flowers don’t just add to a more beautiful scenery, you can also grow them for profit. You can grow flowers for your local community, local events or local markets. Flowers speak a thousand words as they are given as a gift, proof of love, and used as an apology or a sign of celebration. There’s always a need for flowers as they are the best and most powerful gift.

Growing spices

You can start a spice-growing business as having small pots with fresh spices at home has become popular. People will buy a fully-grown potted basil or parsley from you or even get it as a gift for their friends. You can also grow these in your vertical garden, maximise space and deliver the best produce.

Something that starts as a hobby can later grow into a fully lucrative business. The best approach is to start slow with something that is low-cost but will have a rewarding result. Each low-cost agriculture business idea holds the potential for scalability and growth.