Modern Window Treatment Ideas for Every Room  


Window treatments are not a mere house necessity but a lovely addition that is able to magnificently upscale the outlook of every single room. Some homeowners seek perfection in home design, however, when it comes to window treatment design, there are a plethora of ideas. Nowadays, the minimalistic approach tends to overwhelm other ideas, however, that same approach cannot work ideally for every single room and there’s bound to be some more eclectic style for the windows.

Whether you want to upscale your window with new curtains or draperies and contemplate the new trends, or if you are looking to break the dull outlook of your windows and seek some modern window treatment, there is a solution for every approach. Below we have pulled together a sprucing list of examples that would help you step out of your comfort zone and ditch the sheer white curtains and replace them with elegant and versatile new ones.

Match the playful patterns

For those aiming to revive their living room, dining room, or kitchen, there is a nifty hack including changing the window curtain that would blow your mind. Homeowners that don’t have plain monochrome walls, may want to make a high-impact with their window treatment design and try to match the patterns of the wallpaper, for instance, with the curtains. Having a sleek coordinating Roman shade and matching wallpaper can contribute to having a more sophisticated room without breaking the bank. For those who are not so keen on patterns, look at fabric quality, opt to get some neat samples to test out the window treatment and its eclectic colors to see how it would work in that room, and only then choose such playful patterns.

Opt for elegant window dressing

Nothing exudes a modern look quite like business elegance. If you strive to utterly revive the look of your interior design to something completely modern, then you might want to implement a more delicate but full look with the curtains. Choose anything from subdued monotone curtains to dramatic drapes that could masterfully with the earthy-colored wall hue but only ensure that the fabric, weight, and sheerness contemplate the room. To help you find the most elegant curtains on the market, you need to call a professional team of experienced curtain producers who will make unique curtains that fit your room no matter the style or fabric.

Revive the rooms with natural shades

Sometimes the elegance remains in simplicity. There are a lot of natural materials for curtains that can uplift the look of the room and even increase the texture of your room. What’s more, natural shades might be the most aesthetically appalling hue for the bedroom, for instance. To achieve a marvelously modern look, you can pair off-beat white or cream curtains with high-end streamlined matte hardware around the room. Combining natural shades for the curtains and opting for similarly hued ornaments, carpets, or bedding, you would add a cutting-edge look to your space.

Go bold with curtain hues

People get intimidated by extravagant curtain colors, but this happens usually because they reckon the bold colors would close the room or make it smaller. The truth is quite the opposite though. Going for bold colors for your modern window treatment would add a hint of electric energy to the room and deliver a zesty vibe. Colors can alter a person’s mood, generate uplifting well-being, and magically inspire one’s mind. Hence, don’t hesitate to place bold-colored curtains and patterns. With multicolored patterned curtains making a statement, you would be able to complement your room’s apparel and not have window treatments as a purely functional part of the house.

A breezy and sophisticated top-to-bottom design

Sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains will never go out of style. The sheer elegance behind the top-to-bottom curtain design opens up the room, and along with soft and airy fabrics, any room in the house feels and looks more spacious and welcoming. Placing breeze-lightweight sheer curtains would work best in the living room as it would add a touch of ethereal atmosphere, open up the room, and even create a minimalist look. Perfect for houses that have large top-to-bottom windows or cosmopolitan apartments in skyscrapers. The only disadvantage of placing sheer curtains is the fact they are translucent and unfortunately, you would be lacking privacy, especially during nighttime when the lights are on.

Mix modern with midcentury extravaganza

Natural curtain materials have always been a “do” and no matter the size or style of your rooms, they can work perfectly in any given area. Some of the most popular and effective natural curtain materials remain rattan, bamboo, and jute due to their warmth, eco-friendliness, versatile features, and options. Most people opt to use these midcentury extravaganza curtain options in the form of blinds or shades as they can be adapted in any room and be practically matched with furniture and appliances. Another bombastic feature of rattan or bamboo shades and blinds is the ability to diffuse natural light so it doesn’t fully block the sunlight and in that way help you enjoy natural lighting while having modern decor shades.

Tech-frenzy curtain design

One window treatment idea that has been slowly dominating the world’s market is the motorization curtain design. Mostly in the form of curtain blinds, homeowners tend to choose them mainly as they are convenient and dazzling. With only a click of a button, you can easily alter the amount of sunlight they want to let in and adjust the blinds to fit their privacy levels. Motorization in the curtain design certainly adds an innovative element to your interior and with the technological features can also enable you to cover the room to your preferences which is needed for people who possess hard-to-reach windows. The only disadvantage could be the added costs to the electricity bill.

From printed shades and subtle patterns to high-class drapes and motorized blinds, now you can alter your premises with modern curtains and achieve meticulous home interior apparel that would wow your visitors. Don’t compensate with quality and aim to purchase and install high-end curtains for maximum comfort and sophistication.