Pro Tips: How to Plan a Perfect Hens Night in Melbourne


Are you the lucky one who has got the opportunity of hen’s night for your best friend? Well, if you are a first-time bride’s mate, be prepared for the exciting, overwhelming, and engagingjourney.

From fixing the date to hiring male strippers and everything in between, you will have to do some serious work. But don’t worry, as long as you know tips, planning hen’s night in Melbourne is going to be as easy as eating a pizza.

Check out these tips for planning a perfect Hens Night in Melbourne from start to finish. Remember, the more effort you put in, the more you, the guests, and the bride will get out of her big night.

Work on Invitations

Making the guest list can be a nightmare if you don’t know the bride’s closest allies. You would not want to miss any of her best friends. When inviting friends, discuss with the maid of honour to know who she wants to celebrate with.

Most importantly, not all friends are the same, some are inclined to wild parties, and some don’t get along with everyone. However, dismissing them from the party should not be the case. What you can do is planning two sessions of hen’s party: A decent one and wild all-night party.

Make the Night Special for Her

It is her night, and it’s your primary responsibility to make sure she drowns herself in laughter and fun. It’s not easy to know what she prefers and what does not, especially if you are planning a surprise.

This call for some homework, talk with her best friends, discuss with family, and ask her the plans. Being a bride’s made, making sure she has fun, and a good time is what you have to do.

Factor in Food

Food is the most important thing to consider, especially if a night of drinking is ahead. When making the first draft of your hen’s night plan, make sure you include lunch or snacks after the guests arrive and dinner.

Also, make a note to check if any guests have specific dietary requirements or allergies and check with the restaurant before booking so that you don’t have to face embarrassment on a special night.

Consider Choosing A ‘To Die For Location’

Whether a pub, resort, best friend’s place, or a hotel, whatever the place is to remember that the venue should be booked as one of the first things.

The location should be fixed in advance because there are so many things to consider. Your favourite venue may be already booked or does not support the activities you are planning. Better you find the ideal place and book it in advance so that you don’t mess up everything.

Have Fun!

Last but the most important thing, it the hassle of organising the hen’s night don’t forget to enjoy it. Planning a party can be a lot of pressure so now that you have all the hard work, relax and enjoy the party.`