Should You Buy or Rent an Inflatable Playground

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A bounce house serves as a good form of outdoor entertainment for children. Inflatable playgrounds enable kids to bounce, slide, and climb which make it a full-body workout.  The best part of it is that they are designed to be completely safe for children.

Due to these advantages, many parents would want to buy an inflatable bounce for their children. Renting or buying is the two ways to obtain it. This article informs you whether you should buy or rent an inflatable bounce house.

Advantages of Inflatable Bounce Houses

  • Bounce houses help in the development of a child. It involves jumping that activates the key muscle groups.
  • Bounce houses improve hand-eye coordination that promotes effective cardiovascular exercise. It also aids in building social skills.
  • This playing accessory encourages children to spend more time in the fresh air and get sunlight (vitamin D). This keeps them healthy.
  • Jumping helps burns a good number of calories than any other activity. This is helpful if your child is obese or overweight.
  • Jumping reduces tension, stress, and anxiety to develop in a person. It also helps unwind the build-up of negative energy in the body. is a credible place to obtain information related to kids bounce houses. This helps consumers make the best buying decision.

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Benefits of Renting Inflatable Playground

  • The bounce houses are easy to install and wind up. It needs no preparation at the end of the user.
  • Users get a wide range to choose from. This prevents people to get bored from playing using the same structure.
  • Rental companies provide inflatable bounce houses in numerous styles, and themes. You do not have to use the same theme every year.
  • With varying level of obstacles, a rented accessory is ideal for all age groups

Drawbacks of Renting an Inflatable Playground

  • In the long run, it is cost-efficient to buy a bounce house than getting it on rent.
  • An unclean rental device can cause the breeding of germs.
  • Companies that provide this structure on a rental basis, provides a time restriction on its use.

Benefits of Purchasing an Inflatable Playground

  • In the long run, an inflatable bounce house turns out to be cheaper than renting it.
  • When you buy an inflatable playground, you can bring it anywhere like at the campground, backyard, birthday party, etc.
  • Rental bouncers are too large to keep inside the house. You can buy a small or medium-sized bouncer that easily fits in a majority of living rooms. This makes it ideal for rainy days when you can’t play outdoors.
  • No time restrictions on its use.

Drawbacks of Buying an Inflatable Playground

No key drawbacks to buying an inflatable playground. Some of them are:

  • The initial cost can be higher than what you pay as monthly rent.
  • As it is a one-time purchase, you need to be extra careful in its size, design, and features.


Looking at the benefits, a bounce house makes a fabulous investment for your little ones. It provides countless hours of unending enjoyment in the backyard. Parents should go ahead and buy the bounce houses. Your kids will love it for sure.