The Advantages Of Choosing A Wooden Gate For Your Driveway

Home Improvement

The gate you decide to go with for your driveway is a decision that requires your personal touch and experience put together. However, if you happen to choose to install a wooden gate on your property, there are some benefits that you will accrue based on this decision. Having a wooden gate on your property raises your property value significantly, and these gates have very long durability. Having a wooden -gate installed protects your property from damage and other intruders. Similarly, these gates can get renovated even if they are old. A property with a wooden gate ranks high in status, elegance, and their budget usually vary depending on your specification and design. Wooden driveway gates have the following benefits to you as the owner and your property as well.

  1. Swinging wooden driveway gates

When it comes to swinging gates, these types will demand and require a bit more space than their counterpart sliding gates. Similarly, swinging gates are not as expensive as sliding gates, and when you decide to install an automation system, it’s also simpler. One consideration they have to put in place when installing a swinging gate is that they work best on flat grounds. Swinging gates come with a traditional nostalgic appearance, thereby giving your home a beautiful look.

  1. Sliding wooden gate

Well, if you happen to occupy a property that comes with limited space, then a sliding gate is the ideal gate for you. It takes much less time to open and close up, thereby reducing the time taken in this exercise. Similarly, homes and properties that get located on a slope, sliding gates come in handy as the perfect gate for such instances. When it comes to security, sliding gates have been considered a bit more secure than its counterpart swing gate as this gate is resistant to force entry. If you happen to reside in areas where security is an issue, then a sliding gate is your choice to go with.

Many of us love having pets around, and sometimes it’s quite hard to control these small pets. It’s even worrying if your home is next to a road where traffic is a bit high. But having a sliding gate will come in handy to protect and keep your pets safe. Situations such as your pets being squeezed underneath your gate, as it can be a situation with swing gates, is a bit less when it comes to sliding gates.

  1. They are controlling how visitors arrive at your property

It’s of paramount importance for property and homeowners to know who and when someone is arriving at their property. Not unless there is a designated path precisely for their visitors. Many homeowners have intercoms that are voice-activated and are installed correctly in their gates. Such devices installed at your entrance gate will alert you and let you usher in visitors at their discretion and pleasure. With a wooden gate in place, the property owner gets assured of excellent security on their property, and their security worries get kept aside.

  1. Planning permission

In some situations, many find themselves in replacing an existing gate, and they happen not to be increasing any size of their previous gate; perhaps, at this point, applying planning permission is not required. Well, in situations homeowners happen not to be sure of the way to go, experts advise they check and confirm with local authorities as these regulations cautiously keep changing now and then. In some cases, property owners may find themselves in a tricky situation where their gate exceeds approximately two meters of the road, and they will be required to have the relevant authorities provide a general consent or planning permission on that matter.