The Right Horoscope Options Now


The ascendant becomes more and more important with age, hence the importance of the study of its aspects thanks to the horoscope.

  • The horoscope which reveals the ascendant in sign of Fire (ram, lion, sagittarius) indicates a destiny which requires a surpassing of oneself, one blooms in the creativity.
  • The horoscope which reveals the ascendant in sign of Air (Gemini, balance, Aquarius) reveals an existence which requires more opening on the others, one flourishes by widening one’s comprehension on the mental level.
  • The horoscope which reveals the ascendant in sign of Water (cancer, scorpion, fish), it is the index of a destiny marked by the emotional life. We thrive in emotional understanding.
  • The horoscope inks a destiny centered on the consciousness of the materiality of existence when the ascendant is in sign of Earth (bull, virgin, capricorn). Concrete action enables self-fulfillment.

The Right Horoscope

The horoscope is the ideal instrument to study the unconscious workings of the personality. The location of the ascendant defines your priorities, your moral values, and gives indications on your morphology.

The ascendant is the zodiacal sign that rises in the East at the moment of birth. It is in a way the point of the Levant of your horoscope. This way of mounting the horoscope allows defining your Zenith, the culminating point of your horoscope that illuminates your potential for evolution. The Sun sign is the major element of the Cancer Daily Horoscope

The Right Occassion

This is the essential expression of your inner being, you identify yourself in your solar sign. The ascendant marks the beginning of your house we in your horoscope. He is the decisive element of your destiny. On this point your horoscope says a lot about your personality background, since it is your earthly horizon that is emphasized by your horoscope. The ascendant is you as deep as you are. Your sun sign indicates in your horoscope how you express your essence. The immediate reactions are related to the ascendant. The location of the Sun in the horoscope reveals how you translate what you are basically. The combination Sun / Ascendant in the natal horoscope reveals your way of asserting yourself in relation to your unconscious identity. The ascendant reveals the hidden forces, and the horoscope brings them to light by exposing its aspects to the other planets.

The Awareness

Many of you are aware that some of you have wanted to consult with clairvoyance practitioners by phone that you have seen in lists on certain websites and you have been refused your clairvoyance because you did not know your date of birth. We are regularly asked the question: why do people who do not know their date of birth cannot have clairvoyance or clairvoyance by telephone?

Contrary to what some seers believe, it is quite possible to have a clairvoyance without date of birth, personally we do not ask or very rarely but in this case we ask during consultation even if it is a clairvoyance by phone or we ask an approximate age.

Reliable and accurate telephone clairvoyance no matter the medium

More and more on the internet people say they are psychics to make ends meet and use astrology software to answer you or simply answer what you want to hear.