Unique CBD Vape Juice Flavors You Should Try Right Now


Embracing vapes is one way to quit smoking tobacco. Researchers say that vapes with CBD juices have a lot of health benefits. So, if you are planning to quit smoking, vape should be your first step. It is the perfect substitute for smoking, and it has several health benefits. CBD vape juices are better than regular e-liquids. They don’t make you high, you don’t get addicted to CBD juices, and they help to keep your body and mind relaxed. On top of that, you get a variety of flavors that will keep you interested in sticking to vape. 

Best CBD vape juice flavors

Apart from the regular chocolate or mint flavor that you usually choose, there are a bunch of other CBD vape juice flavors that you should try right now. They are tasty, and you wouldn’t even feel whether you are vaping or chewing a cotton candy! Here are some of the must-try flavors:

  • Blue raspberry

This is probably the flavor that you would hardly expect to find in a CBD vape juice collection. But it is available. To tell you the truth, the juice smells exactly as freshly extracted blue raspberries. If you ever had a raspberry smoothie, you will feel no difference when you start vaping this juice. The makers use high-quality CBD isolate along with a tinge of blue raspberry flavor. You can start with a small 250 mg pack before moving to a higher variant. Honestly, this is one of the tastiest vape juices you will ever come across.

  • Watermelon

Did you ever imagine you could smoke watermelon? Well, that’s now possible, thanks to the makers of CBD vape juices. This flavor has fast become the favorites of thousands of vapers. It brings a breath of fresh air as soon as you take your first drag. You may feel funny at first because no one can imagine smoking a watermelon. Every puff of this CBD vape juice provides the flavor of a bite of watermelon, and the taste is identical. Had it not been vape juice, you would not understand whether it is a watermelon smoothie or e-liquid.

  • Candy

Enough with the fruit flavors, now try some candy. The candy-flavored vape juice flavors are one of the most popular among vapers. Almost everyone loves candy. So, when you get a CBD vape juice that has the exact flavor of your favorite candy, you can hit two birds with a single stone. First, you don’t have to worry about trying the same old vape juice flavors. Second, you can enjoy the taste of the candy every time you take a drag. 

  • Dessert

Like candy, you may also have a favorite dessert. What if you could enjoy that dessert while you vape? There are a few CBD vape juice makers that have taken their products to the next level. Whether it is custard or apple pie, you can now vape these flavors, thanks to the innovative CBD vape juices available in the market. 

  • Mixed fruit

There are thousands of people who like mixed fruit ice-cream. They can enjoy the same flavor in their CBD vape juice. The makers use formulated food-grade ingredients that help to produce an identical match when it comes to the taste of mixed fruit. You will feel a bit of berry, apple, mango, and a variety of other fruit flavors in this combination.

If you want to explore CBD vape flavors, start by trying the ones mentioned above. They are a class apart when it comes to taste. Caution: you may not want to go back to your regular CBD vape juices once you start having these flavors.