The Right Solutions for the Small Business SEO


SEO is an important part of strategic marketing, it is even more for VSEs / SMEs. Indeed, in order to be found quickly by users on the Internet and therefore potential customers, it is necessary to be well positioned on search engines. With this in mind, we suggest you discover below some tips applicable now without being an expert and paying astronomical sums. Remember, SEO is a daily work and the benefits are felt in the long term. For small business seo here are the things that you will have to go for. Specially when you have a limited budget, then the following options are there.

Content is still king

When people turn to small businesses, they expect personalized service. Only content with high added value can meet this desire.

Have a mobile-friendly site

80% of people use a mobile to search the Internet. Be sure that your site adapts to any type of medium. 

Take the test: Mobile compatibility test by Google

Improve your profiles on social networks

Make sure that your various social media accounts are defining your business as it should.

Visuals are just as important as words

Easier to memorize, decipher and put into situation, visuals will always remain important allies in your marketing strategy that should not be overlooked.

Optimize website speed

If your site is slow, customers will turn to the competition and they will respond faster than you. Improve the performance of your site.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect social network for sharing visual content and building links.

Optimize everything

It’s often the little things that make the difference! Make a point of integrating the “alt” and “title” attributes into all your media in your pages and articles.

Do not neglect the title of the pages

Search engines are putting more weight on page titles and headers, so make sure to use headlines that are punchy, catchy, and engaging. Most entrepreneurs, freelancers, self entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs (except those operating in the web industry) do not have the knowledge, skills and especially the time to develop and optimize regularly their website. Yet being on the first page of Google search is of great importance if you want your customers to find you. To maintain its place on the web despite regular Google updates, there are a few tips.

How to write content for SEO?

When you go to write your content, think of your customers and then of Google. The main goal is to be found by your customers and to respond to their demand.

  • Use synonyms for keywords and vary the expressions
  • Help the Internet user to quickly find an answer to his request
  • Encourage the customer to stay on the site