The New Technology for Inverter Generators


This technology that is now at your fingertips with an electricity generator, whose utility is of first necessity, since it guarantees us to acquire a device that provides constant electricity is an essential aspect for anyone in your company, industry or your own home.

The westinghouse igen4500 generators are used in various emergency systems for homes, industrial uses and to power vehicles of various types such as boats or trucks. These efficient devices have a very simple mode of operation and come with a highly detailed manual with what is necessary for their installation and use. There is a wide variety of inexpensive electric generators of various models for certain uses.

To learn more about how an electric generator can operate, you should know what it is exactly, so what are electric generators?

What are electric generators?

To simplify the term, these are devices that are used to supply a flow of electrical energy when there is a failure or deficiency in the main electricity network and for various reasons. You need to continue operating with the corresponding activities despite adversities, so an electric generator can even help us save many lives; it is one of the most indispensable devices in various sectors.

They are igen4500 machines that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, thanks to the part of the mobile rotor that produces a magnetic flux, at the same time the component known as stator, transforms this energy into electricity.

The principle of Faraday’s Law

When a movement is mechanically generated between the conductors and the field, an electromotive force is immediately produced that is used to feed the electric current. This design is based on the principle of Faraday’s Law, which establishes that the voltage that is introduced into a circuit is directly proportional to the change in the magnetic flux in a conductor, in a little clearer word it means that for a field. To generate this magnetic flux we are talking about, a conductor is required through which the current flows, in this case the rotor, and thereby achieve the origin of the electromotive force.

Contextualizing in a historical way, the first electric generator that was developed was in 1831, called “Pixi’s dynamo”. The electric generator has advanced in its technological development in a remarkable way, since, from its first prototypes, it does not need much maintenance, or to stop to recover power.

Work of the installer

Of course, the westinghouse generator igen4500 installer will try to place these devices in well ventilated areas, naturally or artificially, and away from areas that are at high temperatures, in the event that he is about to not do so, suggest a rethinking of the site.

It is a tool that began as a work tool, with a fundamental role for sectors such as construction or mining that need electricity in areas where it is difficult to carry it and ended up becoming a fundamental tool in various sectors , from saving lives in hospitals, to maintain telephone communications, various television media , it can also be useful at home so that electricity is not needed in security systems or in the garage door and other devices necessary at home to work, or supply electricity in places where the network has not yet reached.

How do I calculate the power I need?

To specify the power that is needed we must make a more precise calculation, which will guarantee us to buy the appropriate option, as if an expert assigns it to us according to our needs, but do not panic, it is not a very complicated calculation.

It is important that we differentiate between the minimum power that is allowed in the electrical installation of any home and the power that we actually contract with the power company, which limits the supply by installing the ICP input. A very important fact to take into account is the capacity of our installation to determine the number of receivers that can be connected at the same time.