The Skincare Industry Can Change the Way We Look at Waste


First, there were cooking channels. Then, there came cooking segments attempting to present well-made dishes without generating excessive amounts of trash. It’s a great improvement, as it sets a good example for those cooking at home to be more mindful of their actions. If something as complicated as cooking can be done with almost zero waste, surely other industries can also be improved.

The skincare industry, though not at the same level yet, is on its way to a zero-waste future too. But of course, you can’t buy moisturizer by bulk or make your own foundation to eliminate the plastic packaging. For skincare, it’s important that the change starts from those at the top.

How Much Will the Change Cost?

The biggest concern is the price we have to literally pay for our products to be more eco-friendly. Now, we have everything from toners to cleansers to face mask online. And they all get delivered right to our doorstep. It’s convenient, but it also makes it easy for consumers to choose products without having to think twice about its packaging. You think you’re saving everywhere else, except for the trash you generate, but you can justify it because of how long you can use the product. Still, a switch to a product with recyclable packaging need not be that hard to do. You’re already online; it’s a matter of widening your net, so to speak, to look at the products that serve the same purpose but will not add to landfills once you discard them.

Will It Affect Your Skin?

The biggest concern for skincare users is the change in formulation when they switch to a different brand or product. You’re loyal to the products you use because you already know how your skin reacts to them; when you buy something new just for its packaging, you may be sacrificing your whole skincare routine and your skin might not be on board. This is a valid concern, and it’s understandable given that most consumers develop brand loyalty. However, you don’t need to switch to a new brand or formulation just to go zero waste.

There are two ways to go about this: First, you can reach out to your brand and encourage them to make the switch to recyclable packaging. They are driven by the demand and if enough people express their concerns, the brand might just change. Second, you can choose to use the packaging wisely. Reuse them and turn them into useful containers even after the product they contained is long gone. You can also size up to get more product but generate fewer packaging waste.

Even industries that cater to beauty can adapt a zero-waste approach. They help you look good, but they don’t have to be wasteful while doing so. But to make that change happen, you need to do your part either by reaching out to your favorite brands or by supporting those who have turned to a greener approach. You have the power to make zero-waste skincare happen.