Times When Iot Penetration Testing Should Be Conducted


Whether you are involved in the automobile, healthcare, retail, home improvement, or any other industry, IoT penetration testing can be tailored to your business needs to stay safe against data breach, device hack, and other identity theft problems. 

Almost each and every field in today’s world is dominated by Internet of Things, but many devices out there are not designed to safeguard your security. They are not made to keep your data safe against theft and breaches. That is why penetration testing becomes an important step towards uncovering vulnerabilities in your system. However, it is important to conduct this testing at the right time.

Ideally, you should conduct your penetration testing at varied stages of a product’s life cycle, including the following: 

  • During the planning and designing phase of the product: Penetration testing at this stage helps in designing a safe and protected structure for any product. Integrate IoT testing in your product’s pre-development phase. Since the product has not yet entered into the development stage, any changes can be easily incorporated at this time without any loss of time or effort.
  • During the development phase: Testing at this stage allows you to assess the product for any security breaches and related issues. Keep reviewing your secure code during the development phase, so that any changes can be made there and then. Some tools allow you to automatically conduct this penetration testing, so that any vulnerability can be immediately identified and resolved.
  • After the product is developed, but not yet shipped: Before making any major release, it is important to conduct its pen test. If you release a product in the market without testing it, and if any vulnerabilities are found in it afterwards, then you will have to face loss of reputation and you will lose your existing clients and customers.

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