Tips for Getting your Dog on Raw Pet Food


Your dog may have always been a fun lover of kibble. However, you may have been reading about raw pet food and are thinking about making changes. This is where experts like Paws Food Express come in. They will help deliver your favorite natural pet food brand at your convenience.

When transitioning your dog to a raw diet, go slow. Just like you wouldn’t make drastic shifts, your dog may not appreciate sudden unexpected changes. Several tips work when making your dog move to raw food diets.

A Slow Pace is Advised

Experts always recommend gradual changes when dealing with dogs. For the first few days, consider mixing 20 percent raw food with the kibble they use. If they do well with this, you can move to have half raw food and half kibble. If this works well, you can move to a fully raw diet. Note that not all dogs will acclimatize at a similar pace. Elderly dogs may need a few weeks to change, while puppies switch much faster. The goal is to ensure this happens in a safe and acceptable space.

Paws Food Express can make the process of transitioning easy. You can always order the right type and amount of raw pet food based on your dog’s needs. We have all you need, from snacks that work for dogs with low immune systems to full meals for healthier, stronger dogs. What’s more, we deliver in the greater Houston region within 30 miles radius of our shops. We will also deliver in Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. All you have to do is give us a call and make your order today!

Don’t forget to make sure the transition happens slowly, but sure. Never rush your dog into eating raw food, as this could go wrong.

What Happens if your Dog Refuses Raw Pet Food?

Some dogs are just too picky to accept raw pet food right away. If this happens to you, then consider following the tips below:

  • Feed natural food when the dog is starving. Ensure this happens on an empty stomach after they have had nothing for 12 to 24 hours. This is a truck that works for adult dogs.
  • Use a shallow serving dish that does not allow the dog to see what they consume. By the time they figure it out, they will have consumed all the raw pet food and probably like it.
  • Serve food at room temperature. Letting the food stay untouched for at least thirty minutes makes it more appealing and exciting for the dog to want more.
  • Stay calm, not pass a message of your anxiety. Once the dog understands this is their new meal, they will quickly conform and adjust.

The good news is that Paws Food Express is here to help. We have everything your dog needs to start the raw diet journey and are always ready to serve you.