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For most people, “betting games” mean relaxation and entertainment. But some people cannot control their play and play, as it were, day and night, spend large sums of money and gradually become addicted to the game. Game addiction can be due to various factors: financial problems, relationship problems, loss of income or job loss, depressive feelings, alcohol abuse, loneliness, etc. Chance and money games can never be a solution for family, financial or other problems. With the 먹튀검증업체  sites, you can have the smartest options now.

A helping hand can be very close

Those who are addicted to the game must absolutely not confine themselves to their problem, but must talk about it to their family members, friends or doctor.

Our advice

You must adopt a healthy attitude towards money games and keep on adopting them. The following are some tips to be and remain a “responsible player”.

The specific assignment of the National Lottery

Not only does the National Lottery have the task of organizing “public lotteries, betting, contests and games of chance”, but under its Management Contract concluded with the Belgian State, it is also entrusted with the task of ” publicly and socially responsible game operator “.

Play responsibly

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  • It is important to develop and maintain healthy habits in relation to money games.
  • Tips to keep playing fun

Below is a list of actions that you can take to be and remain a responsible player:

  • Tip No. 1: Don’t be fixated on winning money.
  • Tip no. 2: Bear in mind that the risk of losing is greater than the chance of winning.
  • Tip no. 3: Know that you have no influence on the course of the game.
  • Tip no. 4: Set yourself a limit that you cannot exceed.
  • Tip no. 5: Never borrow money from family members or friends to gamble.
  • Tip no. 6: Never gamble with your household money.
  • Tip no. 7: Never try to win back your bet amount: when you lose, there is no reason why you should suddenly win.

Do not re-use your winnings. 

Tips for “gamblers”

When you have stopped gambling after a time of serious gambling problems, the tendency or desire to gamble will continue for a certain period of time. Some images, certain lights or advertisements may evoke your need for gambling.

This need to gamble can cause discomfort and other unpleasant feelings. It is a normal condition that many “gambler keepers” will recognize.

How to handle the need for gambling?

  • Try to breathe calmly.
  • Trying to become aware of the feelings.
  • Try to direct the feelings so that you are not guided by these feelings.
  • Call someone, even a superficial conversation can help.
  • You can write down or think about certain thoughts, feelings or scenarios that relate to gambling.