Types of Tops for Every Woman


Women love to style them selves fashionable and trendy no matter what type of the occasion they are attending. Whether it is a party from a friend or a business meeting with the boss and colleagues, they always wanted to look beautiful and presentable. And keeping that thing in mind, they always observe what is in fashion. However, everybody has their definition of fashion in regards with what type of clothing they feel comfortable and confident. There are varieties of tops available in the market. If you are also such a person who has the mutual feeling regarding fashion, then you will definitely love styling different type of tops.

Moreover, top is the great choice when you are facing difficulty in choosing what to style and when. For a bit sassy and chic look, style maxi dresses with some fancy jewelry like necklace and earring and pair them up with high heels. While on the flip side for a casual look, wear crop top with denim jeans and style them up with sneakers. Thus, in this blog, we have listed down some of the types of tops for women.

1- Hoodies

Hoodies are the most comfortable and casual type of tops for women. You can style them up at any occasion. They are made up of a bit healthier material and which is why you can also style them up in winters. They make you feel cozy and warm. Along with these advantages, they also look good with denim jeans and sneakers or joggers. However, any type of hoodie can be paired up with the most comfortable footwear usually sneakers and your favorite type of the most minimal accessory. Luckily, you can also buy such type of clothing items through 6IXTY 8IGHT deal and save your money to a greater extent.

2- Crop Top

Crop top are the fashionable type of shirts especially worn for the purpose to show off your body. They fit perfectly to your body and flaunt your belly in the best possible way it can. If you are also such type of the woman who likes to flair their body and make them appear gorgeous and sassy then you can wear crop top. Moreover, there are also crop tops available in the markets which are off shoulder which means they make you show off your shoulders too. They are the most commonly used type of crop top among women. You can style up your crop top in any weather be it summers or winters. In winters, you can wear a shirt over your crop top while in summers style them up with body fitted jeans.

3- Graphic T-shirt

Graphic tees are the type of shirt which has funky and cute prints all over them but usually in front. There are varieties of graphic tees available in the market for instance there are shirts which have attractive lines written on them or the shirts that have beautiful prints and pictures printed over them. It doesn’t matter what type of shirt you are wearing they will definitely make you look stylish and groovy. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses for more fancy and dashing look.