Typical Hiccups With HP Laptops


Having a laptop computer is all convenient and beneficial until it starts misbehaving, and you cannot get anything done. It may be running slow, or it simply won’t run at all. It can be very frustrating, more, especially if you cannot seem to know the problem. Instead of buying a new machine, it is cheaper to take it into the shop so that it can be repaired or sometimes upgraded. There are several common issues with HP laptops that most people have experienced, and depending on which they are, you can fix it from home or take it to a tech professional.

HP Touchpad

Sometimes when you are working, you will find that it is difficult to control the cursor because your touchpad has stopped working or the mouse keeps skipping or freezing.

HP DC Jack

For most laptops, the DC Jacks lack proper reinforcement, making it very easy for them to loosen because of normal wear and tear. If the DC Jack on your laptop feels loose, take it into the tech shop and have it repaired so that you can efficiently charge your laptop.

HP Backlight and LCD

Your computer may be missing some blocks or lines of information, or it will fade out to black after you boot up. Also, if you have a cracked or scratched up screen, you should have that replaced. If the machine lacks complete display function or has a defective backlight and the images constantly flicker, make a call to the tech shop.

HP Motherboard

The motherboard is responsible for controlling the hardware such as USB, Video, Audio, Power, and the keyboard. Spills can bring problems with the motherboard on the console or a power surge. If any of your hardware is proving problematic, have a technician diagnose the problem before deciding to replace it. Having your motherboard changed is costly, so have the computer looked at first to spare you the costs.


If your laptop overheats during usage and then shuts down on its own, it is time to have the cooling system checked by a tech professional. This repair is not expensive, and it will save you from the need to replace your motherboard in the future.


If the Compaq LCD screen flickers and displays faint images, it may be because your inverter is not functioning correctly. The inverter is responsible for the power that is channeled to the backlights. Therefore it is time to repair your inverter.

HP Keyboard

A keyboard with missing keys is not only unsightly, but it will also inconvenience the life out of you. If you have keyboard buttons constantly popping off, or the keyboard won’t function because of spills, have it replaced as soon as possible to increase the lifeline of your laptop and also avoid inconveniences.

However, not all laptop problems are hardware related; therefore, you must keep up with software updates. Microsoft and HP closely work together to identify any issues that might arise after the Windows 10 update. If any problem is recognized, HP releases updated software and drivers via the windows update. You should run all windows updates to guarantee that all fixes and software are installed on your PC.

If your problem is not with the laptop itself, then you can contact HP support. For instance, if you need help with your hp envy 4520 driver, you may need instructional or technical aid if you do not know how to connect it to your laptop.

If your hp envy 4520 driver is not printing, it may be because your operating system is not listed. To fix this, make sure the printer has been directly connected to the wall outlet and then perform a hard reset. While the printer is turned on, remove the power cord at the back of the printer. Then, unplug the power cord from the outlet. Wait for about 5 minutes, then hold and press the power button for 30 seconds to eliminate any additional charge. Plug back in the power cable again and reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer and turn it on.