Understanding the Health Benefits of Sushi


If Sushi is the dish that you admire the most in Japanese cuisines, then you wouldn’t deny the heavenly satisfaction it delivers to your taste buds. This concoction is a perfect combination of rice, seafood, and vegetables, and the taste is enjoyed by almost every food group. Besides the yummy taste, sushi is one of the most popular Japanese food staples because of the various health benefits this dish offers. Let us take a look at a few of them.

Heart health

Sushi is a rich source of concentrated omega-3 fatty acids because of the seafood it contains in the form of seaweed or/and fish. This is one of the major advantages of eating sushi. The fatty acids act as ‘good’ form cholesterol and help in preventing the clogging of arteries and also lower the blood pressure. Along with nori or seaweed sheets, the fish like trout, herring, tuna, and salmon are considered to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Hormone Regulation

The sushi roll is generally prepared with vinegared and other condiments wrapped in thin nori sheets. Along with omega 3 fatty acids, Nori or seaweed also include healthy mineral, iodine being the most prominent of all. This mineral is essential to regulate our hormonal glands, especially the thyroid gland, and help in their proper functioning. Nori includes an exact level of iodine required by your body to balance the hormones and optimize metabolic activities.

Boost Metabolism

Fish is a source of proteins with lower caloric and fat value. This is why it is great to boost the body’s metabolism. The body functions in a superb way with this low-calorie, high proteins combo, which also creates new cells, and metabolizes energy providing strength and energy.

Cancer Prevention

Sushi is available in a variety including different kinds of toppings and ingredients. But wasabi and ginger are quite common in all of the sushi types. Both of these ingredients include antioxidants and therefore anti-carcinogenic properties. The free radicals in the body are neutralized by the antioxidants, hence preventing cancer.

Improve Immune System

The two ingredients ginger and wasabi are paired in most of the variety of sushi. Besides the antioxidant properties, these ingredients also include antibacterial properties. Both ginger and wasabi can kill any harmful bacteria and helps to boost the immune system.


Both fish and soy sauce that are commonly found in sushi, is high in iron content. It is a perfect nutrient to boost the production of red blood cells in your body. A good amount of red blood cells in your body improve your body’s metabolism, gives it the ability to heal, gives you a good skin tone and hair and obviously improves the circulation of your body.

Along with being delicious, sushi is quite a healthy dish, as has been described in the above information. It provides your body with heart-healthy nutrients, and also includes various ingredients with properties to ward off many diseases.

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