Want to know what a mobile banking app can do for you? Read this! 


Today people carry their mobile phones everywhere. This is the reason there are many mobile apps that help people do most of their transactions easily. Banking apps are one of them, and they help do most of the banking activities on mobile. IDFC FIRST Bank’s online banking app is an accessible software that permits the customers to do financial operations online.

How does a mobile banking app help customers to meet their banking requirements?

IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App acts differently from linked internet banking. You can access the mobile bank account using a mobile device where the app uses software authorized by the respective financial institution. With its help, you can do all the banking activities such as applying for a bank account, opening a bank account, accessing money transactions, and many more.

To get access to your bank app to apply for a bank account, first, you should be an existing customer.

The customers can download the bank account app from the Google App Store and get the app installed on their mobile.

Why should you a mobile banking app?

Based on a study conducted by American Bankers Association in October 2021, more than 39 percent of the customers manage their bank accounts using mobile banking apps to manage their bank account. Thus, an online bank account app is becoming the most preferred and most used means to interact with your bank.

Apart from money transactions, mobile banking apps help to manage your finance in the best way. It can warn you if your spending cross the credit limits available in your account, move money into savings automatically, and restrict spending by allowing you set controls on your cards. In addition, the apps can send alerts, help you to contact customer service representatives, and pay back a friend.

You can use the mobile banking app to:

  • Add money instantly to your account from any account
  • Connect all your bank accounts in one place
  • Access all accounts with one UPI
  • Auto-pay option to make payment on time
  • Get ‘smart’ statement and know all transaction
  • Track money flow where your money is going
  • Manage your ‘upcoming’ pays
  • Vast investment options such as MFs
  • Start investment with as low as Rs. 500 monthly SIPs
  • Open an FD
  • Get 5.25% interest in just two clicks
  • 24/7 accessibility from anywhere

Are Mobile Banking apps safe?

Banking apps like the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app have highly sophisticated security features to safeguard data on a mobile phone. The software is highly secured and protected with high-end security features and is encrypted to protect your data. However, the customers must take precautions prescribed by the bank to provide complete security.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app is meant to help you in all ways; most of the features offered are essentially redefining what a bank is and what it offers to attain your financial goals easily. You can download the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app today for a better banking experience.