Ways For Playing AVI Files Using QuickTime in PC or Mac


As you know, Macs as well as PCs have been in tough competition for a long time now, and the outcome of which is the compatibility issues regarding both hardware and software. This post is going to bring out some ways for the easy functioning of .avi files in your Mac OS X as well as PCs.

AVI is not particularly any kind of file, it is a file format in which the video and audio are placed parallel for instant playback. Earlier, playing AVI with the help of QuickTime player was not much successful. However, QuickTime X and QuickTime 7 are compatible with AVI. However, the auto-tuning of AVI by QuickTime on Pcs or Mac will be largely dependent on the code type used by the AVI. Are you looking for ways to play all .avi files on video player like QuickTime without making use of any codec? Then, you are in the right place.

Ways to watch AVI movie files through the QuickTime player on a PC or Mac:

Following the ways you can try for watching all kinds of AVI movie files using the QuickTime player on a PC or Mac:

Method 1: Install an older edition of QuickTime 7

Each version of Mac OS X has a separate inbuilt QT structure, and each one is supportive of playing very few audio and video codecs for being compatible with that specific operating system. If you are looking for more components for plugging in, you can get many of them by thirty parties across the web for watching the AVI videos through QuickTime 7 irrespective of the video code which is being used below the container of .avi. Out of them, Perian is the universally known plugin that lets the users play a varied range of video files.

 Method 2: Download a compatible media player – Elmedia to Play AVI

In case you are not willing to transform AVI file into a QuickTime file or download the older version of QuickTime 7, you can get now a different option for making AVI play smoothly on your Mac. The option is to use anything similar to the Elmedia player.

Elmedia player is an autonomous software that can be used in MacOS. It comes with an inbuilt codec file that allows you to play a list of media file formats such as Avi, mp4, Mkv, WMV, WebM, MPEG, WebM, and need no effort for transformation from the user’s side. It offers several other features that cannot be found in QuickTime player. The features of this exceptionally good video player for Mac include adding watermark, capturing screen content, recording radio streams, etc. You can download the link Mac edition of this software from the App Store free.

Hence, it is just as simple to sort out all the QuickTime issues related to AVI by the methods mentioned above. Try these ways out and you will be able to enjoy playing all types of AVI video clips.