What Does Employee Activation Actually Mean?


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Social media is the lifeblood of modern day marketing. It is no secret that big companies such as Starbucks, Nike, GoPro and Dell all use social media to generate B2B and B2C leads. They understand that the opportunities abound on social media are endless and their commitment encourages SMEs to follow suit and reap the benefits of a revamped marketing strategy.

Large scale organisations invest heavily in social media advocacy to promote their brands in and outside their base country. In doing so, they spend a huge sum of money on their digital marketing. If you have been considering your employees as advocates for your brand initiatives on social media, then you have been considering employee activation.

Employee activation is a formal program designed to encourage employees of a particular enterprise to invoke, generate, create, and share content that interests them. The topics they work on are generally related to their work and do not require them to share boilerplate texts or messages in the name of promoting a brand or an initiative. Typically, this does not yield favourable results in the long run as authentic employee engagement is a key factor in employee activation.

In reality, business culture is highly volatile with new marketing trends rolling out at an unprecedented pace. Business owners who have successfully transformed their marketing strategy into a digital domain have been able to create a healthy customer experience. In the digital world, the customer-centric marketing model has set the bar so high when it comes to defining a proper marketing model. With a proper digital channel promoting your brand, your business is likely to compete and adapt effectively. 

With better communication skills, positive brand advocacy, and a shared vision, employee activation can safeguard against the unknown. It is practical to establish a potent digital marketing model with motivated, connected, and committed employees on the team. By assembling a workforce that connects properly with your brand, in order to promote it effectively, businesses can integrate positive and rich brand advocacy. It will establish your brand as a reliable and first-choice service provider in the eyes of customers. Besides improved productivity, employees can contribute more towards a company’s success.

The practice of employee activation motivates your employees to share content they like about your brand on social media. This personal touch is highly effective in generating leads and increasing sales rates. A good rule of thumb is that word-of-mouth is the most effective technique of marketing as people are more likely to make purchases through recommendations from friends or close ones. 

Employee activation incorporates a word-of-mouth strategy and is beneficial in expanding the reach of your brand to a market of people who purchase based on testimonials. If you are intrigued with the idea of employee activation and how to build an employee activation program, get professional help today.