Importance of Overcoming Rejection During Recovery


Feeling rejected is similar to working long hours in the kitchen and not obtaining the incredible compliment you hoped for. You’re frustrated, betrayed, and unsure of what went wrong. What went wrong when you followed the recipe exactly as written?

We must feel needed and welcomed to thrive. It’s reassuring to know that others care about us as much as we do. To feel as if we are a part of a group of people. Our emotions and minds desire connection, especially whether we’re yearning for love, a sense of purpose, or camaraderie. This connection, however, cannot be created with just anyone or any group of people; it must be made with someone we both value and think to be valuable. Someone we have faith in to be able to and will be able to console us. Someone or something we don’t know will fill the vacuum in our lives and make us happy.

We have a core notion that we don’t matter and are underserving when we’re under the influence of addictive thinking (whether we’re addicts or not). Because we are continuously looking for methods to fill this gap, we may not be conscious of this core notion. You may find that you go shopping when you’re lonely or drink a fifth of vodka after a tense argument with your lover. You might not even notice you’re feeling unwelcome since you’re just seeking your medication following these events.

So, how can one break the cycle of turning to drugs or acting out to fill the hole in your life?

Here Are Some Tips For Overcoming Rejection In A More Healthy Manner:

  • Make a connection with your Higher Power: Accept that you do not influence the actions and feelings of others. We can feel compassionate in life when we connect with our Higher Power.
  • Use some thought-restructuring techniques: are you focusing too much on the negative parts of the issue? Is there a good or a wrong side to everything? Is it possible to see the gray region in this situation? Should you strive for perfection in all areas, or do you want to achieve perfection in all areas?
  • Remind yourself of your mantra: “this, too, will pass,” “no pain, no gain,” and “practice makes perfect” are examples of mantras that can help you keep moving forward even when you’re ready to give up. What is your go-to aphorism?
  • Seek help from a therapist: addicted thinking and a persistent sense of not being loved are frequently indicators of a deeper problem. A drug therapist can aid you in gaining clarity and regaining your self-esteem, thus helping overcome rejection. Keep in mind that everyone goes through periods of feeling insufficient, unloved, intelligent, or strong. Consider volunteering your time to someone in need to practice being “enough.” Being present for others allows us to maintain our sense of humility.

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