What Every Melbourne Gentlemens Club Customer Should Know


Looking to have a good time in a Gentlemens club in Melbourne? You need to make sure you understand Melbourne gentlemens’s ethics and rules. If it’s you’re a first-time gentlemens club visitor knowing and handling the club’s unspoken codes and protocol can enhance your experience.

To have the best experience, avoid common mistakes that can ruin it all, waste your money, or lead to you being treated poorly. If you follow these you’ll be more likely to have fun and leave the club feeling like you have spent your money well.

Not knowing the rules

It doesn’t hurt to ask what the rules of engagement are. If you admit to being new at this, you can avoid being misunderstood. Ask what it is that you need to know to avoid uncomfortable situations like being chastised for not tipping the dancers on stage or being too handsy.

Giving Excuses instead of just saying “no”

You don’t have to agree to everything. You can say no to a lap dance when it is being offered to you. giving excuses like “maybe later” or “I’m married” is not enough. 90% of the guys in a gentlemen’s club are probably married and strippers might not take that excuse as a real no. They may think you are saying maybe, you are open to a lap dance. If it’s a hard no, say no like you mean it. It saves you from being pestered and annoyed and you’ll be saving the dancer the time as well that can be better spent on customers who are actually interested in what she has to offer.

Not asking what the prices

If you are a gentlemens club novice, you probably don’t know what the price of things is. Dancers can be pushy and you might just find yourself being led to the VIP area before you can even find out how much that will cost you. Before you accept anything ask what it will cost you. You don’t want to be the guy who gets a shakedown by bouncers because you won’t pay for some special service.

Using Your Phone

Phones are such an important part of people’s lives. There’s no point in having a phone with a great camera if you are not going to use it. You might be one of those people who has to document their lives in pictures. That’s fine but you need to keep in mind that some of the dancers working in gentlemens clubs have a different life outside the club. If you are sitting close to the stage, you need to be aware that the flash from these phones can be distracting. If you want to take pictures, take pictures of yourself and not of other people without asking for their consent.

Scratchy clothes and sharp accessories

Think about the dancers having to grind their naked bodies against scratchy clothing. It will chafe the skin and leave it inflamed. Wear comfortable clothing for your own good and the dancer’s comfort. Soft pants and jeans are good. Watch where you put your wallet, keys, and any sharp objects. You don’t want anyone getting accidentally with your keys.

Not Tipping

Get a good seat and tip the performer well. She is working very hard to impress you, show some appreciation. You should tip the performer at least once between songs. A good tipper draws the attention of customers. A lousy tipper is just annoying. You might see a guy walking up on stage to “make it rain” but that is a rare occasion. You don’t have to feel pressured into raining dollars out on the performers.

Not bringing enough cash and reverting to a Credit Card

Bring enough cash. When it runs out, it’s time to stop. Do not switch to using a credit card. You might find an additional 10 to 20 percent operation fees charged to your card. Unscrupulous waiters might tack a tip to your bill without asking you first. Decide how much you are going to spend at the strip club and convert it to single dollar notes.

Choosing a dancer for a lapdance

Do not just automatically buy a lapdance based on a girl’s look. There is nothing as off-putting as watching a bored dancer performing. The dancing can be lame because of the attitude. Watch the body language and how the dancer engages with the other customers. It doesn’t matter how hot the girl looks if she is not committed to what she is doing you will have a lousy experience.

Don’t ask personal information

Every girl has her own boundaries. Gentlemens clubs sell a fantasy. Nothing’s real so don’t push for personal information from the dancers. They go by weird names like Epiphany and Pandora because they don’t want their real identity known. Don’t ask for phone numbers or addresses either. It’s important to understand that your interaction with a dancer is purely transactional. You get good service if you pay well. Just because a dancer is giving you ext attention means they are doing more than flirting. Smile and flirt back if you must but don’t expect more than that.