Hi-Spec Tools Announces Children Tool Line To Combat Kids Technology Bombardment 



Hi-Spec Tools announces a range of Children’s DIY Tool Kit Sets. They are designed with an emphasis on encouraging children to get off their screens and engage more in physical activities by designing their own projects. 

“Hi-Spec Products are always looking at ways we can improve our already successful product lines,” said Simon Hopper, CEO of Hi-spec Tools

“We want parents around the world to know that it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated for them to make sure their child gets the best value and most fun out of non-sedentary activities.”

Technology is an obvious presence in the lives of children today. It entertains them and teaches them new things, but there is also the constant barrage of information that bombards kids constantly through addictive games, noisy and intrusive advertising, alerts and nagging reminders. Being a solitary activity, it also keeps them from establishing healthy relationships with others and doing actual physical activities.

The benefits of 15 minutes physical activity a day for children are more than just mental, as it can also improve their attention and memory. These findings come from research published in BMC Medicine which suggests that short breaks involving some form or movement may be beneficial to both healthy developments as well coping skills during stressful times.

Hi-Spec has curated a collection of essential tools for children to get started on their first steps into DIY or just working on stimulating projects together with adults. Carefully selected from their popular range of adult tool kit sets as used everyday in homes, garages, and workshops, they will channel enthusiasm and energy with real practical tools and accessories. 

For more information about Hi-Spec Tools. please visit their official website at https://hi-spec.com/

About Hi-Spec Tools:

For DIY home improvement and maintenance projects, the right tools save valuable time and costs. The Hi-Spec DIY Tools range is for all people looking for a combination of easy usability and great value. Whether repairing, decorating, remodeling or crafting, Hi-Spec is committed to offering quality and affordable DIY tools that encompass an entire scope of hand tools, power tools and toolkit sets.