What to Know Before Buying the Right Set of Bar Chairs?

Home Improvement

With the increasing design trends, everyone is upgrading their decor to something upbeat and lively. In such times, how can you be far behind? Gone are the days where your dining room or breakfast area was festooned with a simple dining table. Now is the time of high tables, countertops, and breakfast bars. If you are planning to amp up the eating area of your home to resemble that of a cafeteria, then you must consider some of these options mentioned above.

Having said that, what about the chairs or stools? You obviously cannot reach the high table as you grab a seat on your regular dining chair. Just like tables, the time and upgrade demand high bar chairs and stools. These chairs are suitable for any high or countertop dining or bar area. But, most of us can make a huge mistake while picking the right one. Simply matching the height of your table isn’t enough; there are other factors, too, that you must consider while buying bar chairs online.

We bring to you a foolproof guide that will help you in your hunt of the right set of bar stools online. You can use this article as a checklist to know what you are looking for:

It’s all in the numbers:

Determining how many bar chairs to purchase is essential, as you would not want to fall short of the chairs when you have a guest. But, you also do not want to overcrowd the space, as it will shorten the available space for free movement, leaving you no choice but adjustments every time. The number of bar chairs you require will also depend majorly on the size of your breakfast or bar table. If you miss out on this factor, you might just end up purchasing merely 4 bar stools for a 6 seater table.

Height matters:

The bar stool or chair you would be looking at should have an appropriate height that is not too short or too tall for your table. You do not want to end up looking like a giraffe, slouching, or stretching, eh! To master this factor, you will first have to measure the height of your table. Bar stools tend to come in heights like counter-height that falls within the range of 23 to 28 inches, bar-height with 29 to 32 inches, and extra tall with 33 to 36 inches. All these heights are floor-to-seat heights. So, for tables that are roughly around 35 to 37 inches high can go for counter-height, those with 41 to 43 inches can pick the bar-height, and above 44 will need an extra tall.

Comfort comes first:

If you are one of us who prefers everything comfortable, then you cannot miss out on this. Convenience plays a huge role while you enjoy a bowl of cereal in the morning or a drink by the counter in the evening. Based on your requirement of a chair with backrest or a backless stool, you can make a choice. When it comes to bar chairs with backrest, make sure that the backrest provides enough support to your spine. Speaking of comfort, another essential part is the cushions or seats. For a cozy seat, you can choose a stool that bears a leather, fabric, or any soft seat. If there will be kids using the breakfast table, then make sure to consider a chair with proper backrest and footrest for them to climb on it easily. Also, the chair or stool should be sturdy enough, as a wobbly one can fall while the kid climbs on it.

Team it up:

Choosing a set of bar chairs that will suit the respective room’s decor is a mandatory thing. After all, what’s the point of doing everything right only to mess up the decor at the end. For decor that is contemporary or transitional, you can select bar chairs with pastel colors or white and wooden finish. Vintage or farmhouse style demands for a rustic touch to the chairs. When it comes to modern, you can go all fancy and quirky with a blast of colors or prints. The design and color of your bar chairs and stools should complement your bar or breakfast table too. You can even go for a complete set that offers a table and chairs. But if you want to test the creative side within you, feel free to mix and match by picking individual pieces.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your seating furniture into a piece of luxury and comfort.