When did the online casino games rose to fame for the World


What’s a casino game? It’s a game of wagering money in the different forms of gambling like poker, casino games, and sports betting that takes place online. There was a time when these games were restricted to just land-based casinos or shops. However, during the mid-1990s the online casino gaming industry kick-started. Whereas, it was somewhere in the 2000s that the online casino games became a famous and favourite time-pass for the gamblers online. It was during this time when the online casino sites like sbobet started to be a legitimate site and regulated business following certain rules and regulations.

Since the day online gambling took-off, it has achieved countless milestones and the online gambling industry as a whole turned out to be worth millions of dollars. However, gambling or casino games apart from those online-based like Sbobet started way before the 1990s. Let’s take a look at the history of gambling before jumping to when did online gambling rose to fame.

There is no doubt that the history of gambling is too fascinating. The world of gambling evolved to create a pleasurable adrenaline rush that turned with a victory having a great dose of risks involved. The first evidence of gambling dates back to the Palaeolithic Period, a time when humans first learned to use stone tools. However, it was in the 17th century when the casino games got its shape in the form of poker. Since then, with every passing century and year, the world of gambling kept evolving to what it is known to the people now.

Now, coming back to the history of online gambling, it was in 1994, when the internet was wholly commercialized, the Caribbean nation was the first one to regulate online gambling. They authorized various sites with licenses who wished to offer online gambling services.

Ideally, it was in the year 1996, when the online casino rose to fame having its very first online casino – InterCasino established. By the year 1997, the number of sites offering online gambling or casino services like Sbobet increased from 15 to 200. And, by the end of 1998, sources revealed that online casino revenue touched new heights with $384 million. Since then, there is no turning back for online casino games and their respective websites.

In today’s date, there are a million of websites offering a variety of online casino games, introducing some of the other offers, regulations, and prices. Punters nowadays find online casino games much more secure and interesting as compared to land-based casino games. There are instructions and guidance for newcomers and various offers going around to attract more and more gamblers. These days every online casino website is doing its best to survive through tough competition and attract the maximum number of gamblers both experienced and newcomers.

Therefore, it is advised that before enrolling in any of the online casino game websites, a gambler should have adequate information and knowledge about the same.