Why Is It Crucial to Obtain the Emirates ID in the UAE?


People living in the UAE should have the Emirates ID, as the document represents the legality of citizenship of an individual. People, who are born in the UAE, can apply for citizenship in the country. Thus, newborn babies in the UAE receive the Emirates ID without any hassles. 

If you are looking for job opportunities in the UAE, you have to procure a visa to this country first. If you apply for permanent or temporary residency in this country, you should also have the Emirates ID. If you have applied for the ID, you can find a facility for emirates ID check online on the official website of FAIC (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship).

Key Features of the Emirates ID

The Emirates ID, also known as the UAE ID Card, store basic personal information of a person along with his biometric details. For living and working in the UAE, one should possess this card. The card consists of a 15-digit unique number, along with an electronic chip and your photograph. Citizens should carry the card as their citizenship validation document.

Various Uses of the Emirates ID

Where do you need to show your Emirates ID? In the following section, find the uses of the Emirates ID for different purposes.

  1. Applying for the Driving License

In the UAE, most people invest in vehicles for personal commuting. Sometimes, people also take cars for rent. You need to have a driving license to operate a vehicle in all such cases. Operating the vehicle without procuring the diving license will lead to a breach of law. Therefore, you will get penalised for driving a car without having a license.

You need to apply for a driving license after completing the driving course from a certified institution in the UAE. When you apply for a driving license, you must show various documents. Your application must include a photocopy of the Emirates ID. Without this ID, you cannot apply for a driving license in the UAE.

  1. Travel Easily

The immigration process for the foreign trips will become simple for the Emirates ID holders. People have to stand in a long queue to complete all immigration formalities. But, you will not find such hassles when you have the Emirates ID.

  1. Open a Bank Account

If you want to live and work in the UAE, you obviously need a bank account. All residents should mandatorily show their Emirates ID to open a bank account. If you do not have the ID, you will not be allowed to open a bank account.

Your credit details will also get attached to this card, apart from the bank account opening. When you give the Emirates ID number to the banking officials, they will access the credit information. Depending on your credit information, they will offer you loans and other banking products.

The Emirates ID is also essential for the kids to get admission to schools in the UAE. So, you need to apply for this document if you want to settle in Dubai with your family. For the emirates ID check, you can visit the official website of FAIC.