Airyee Everhart Social Media/Su Moon Entertainment Talent Management


Airyee Everhart is a entertainer. Su Moon Entertainment is an entertainment and talent management company that is run with the assistance of Chiante C.

Airyee Everhart is a Michigan-born performer. She began as a vocalist in her primary school choir, then moved into a musician with the guidance of a teacher, playing the cornet and trumpet in the ‘concert band.’ Everhart joined a Hip Hop Dance group and studied jazz dance in the years after that.

Everhart and her team run and manage “Su Moon Entertainment.” Su Moon is in charge of talent management as well as bookings. The talent management company was founded to serve the entertainment industry. The company’s primary headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, but it also has offices in Brooklyn, New York.

The Company Manager will aid in the achievement of business management goals, objectives, and development. Following a comprehensive examination of available resources, strategies will be developed to help in the attainment of goals. The Company Manager will oversee the quality of Su Moon’s workers’ work to ensure that they stay aligned with the company’s mission. They will also be responsible for preparing reports and representing the firm at meetings, events, and conferences, among other responsibilities.

There are several independent news releases on the company’s main website, with an emphasis on job vacancies and announcements. A callback request form is also available for interested clients to make business queries.