Daycare Deals You Need to Have Now


Choosing a daycare for your child is not an easy task and should be thoughtful to feel comfortable and satisfied with the choice. The ideal day care center should meet your child’s needs and therefore the following aspects should be considered: physical space, educational project and activities, training and number of educational technicians, food and nutrition, safety and relationship between and among them, the children. Proximity to home or work, location, monthly tuition, and referral of acquaintances are also relevant factors in choosing. A number of Auckland Childcare Centres are there for your choices.

Nap time

Is nap time the same for everyone or does it allow the baby to sleep as long as he or she wants? Especially for the little ones, it is important to keep the sleep routine they have at home.

Proposed activities

Ask what the pedagogical proposal of the school is, what are the main activities for each age group, what toys are available to the little ones. For the bigger ones, there are courses like English, music, judo, swimming, ballet are included.

Use of TV to distract children

The measure should not be used mainly for children under two years. Ideal is to look for schools that have proposals for play and playful activities for babies and children.


Do the bathrooms have small toilets for the kids? How it is done and at what age. Ideally, the school, like parents, respects the child’s time. In the Daycare Centres Auckland  you can have the best choices now.

Diaper and bath changing system

It is important to note if employees use disposable materials, wear gloves when changing diapers, and if changing diapers is done with cotton or wet wipes. Observe if the school asks each baby to take their own bath or if they choose to line the school with disposable material. Also ask if the bath is given each time the baby poops.

Individual cot

Ideally, each child should have his crib for napping with his own bedding. If this is not possible, the sheet should be changed so that each child has his own. With the Early Childcare Centres in Auckland you can have the best option.


Check if the school has room for sunbathing and what time it happens. In the morning it should be until 10am or in the afternoon after 4pm.


  • From what age is required, where to buy, values.
  • Pools, stairs, playground with scales. If they are in school, observe safety procedures so that children do not have free access to hazardous locations. Make sure the playground is in good condition.

Sick or injured children

Ask the medical school or call your parents first to find out what medications they can take or if they prefer to pick you up. Also ask the procedures adopted in case of emergency, such as choking, severe fall, seizure. Observe if the school requires the vaccination booklet as there are parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.