Legal Marriage Requirements FAQ


Most prospective marriage mates see legal marriage and its requirements as a huge task for them and their spouse. Some even dread the entire process simply because they think it is complicated. While we cannot argue otherwise, the truth of the matter is that once you’ve got an idea of the state requirements, then the process becomes straightforward.

While the legal marriage requirements may vary depending on the state, one performed in one state is recognized in other states of the country. For those who are thinking about this process, this piece will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

What Legal Documents Are Required For Marriage?

One of the most important documents you’d be needing is the marriage license which you can get from your county clerk after paying a small fee. Once the license is gotten, you and your marriage mate or spouse would have to meet the predetermined requirements if you are to have your license approved. If your license is approved, you can then begin your ceremony.

The officiating minister or officiant is charged with the responsibility of filing your marriage certificate with any of the recording agencies in your county (applicable agencies are most of the time chosen). If the officiant fails to file your marriage certificate, that does not in any way nullify or invalidate your marriage, it would just make it more difficult to have your marriage documented.

Blood Tests; Are They Part Of Legal Marriage Requirements?

Most states in the country have done away with mandatory blood tests, but if for any reason your state of residence still demands it, then you’re expected to carry out one. While some states have stopped mandatory blood tests for marriage mates, they may still demand it for venereal diseases. Some may also demand tests for sickle-cell anemia, tuberculosis, and rubella.

When it comes to HIV/AIDS tests, some states do not actually require prospective marriage mates to carry it out. However, some may require that these marriage mates be informed about it and why it is good that they carry out one before getting married.

Am I Allowed To Marry Anyone I Like?

Most states will require legal marriage applicants to be 18 years or older. If for any reason, they are below 18, they’ll be needing a consent form from either a judge or a parent. Most of the time, the common ground for consent is pregnancy and in situations like this, the presiding judge will need substantial proof that this “underage” couple can take care of themselves financially.

Couples who may have been separated for a long period of time cannot get married again unless they have filed and completed their divorce process.

Prospective marriage mates must have the right mental frame of mind to enter into a contract. If in the event that either of the marriage mates does not understand the concept of marriage and what it entails because he or she is mentally ill, consumed excessive alcohol, or a drug addict, or have any other issue that may affect their right judgement, then it could be said that the individual lacks the mental frame of mind or capacity to enter into a contract, so cannot get married.

The two individuals to be married cannot be blood relatives. Depending on certain factors, they cannot be anything closer to third cousins. Surprisingly, most states in the country allow for first cousins to get married if they are old and no longer able to give birth to children.

Since all 50 states in America have signed the same-sex marriage bill in 2015, individuals of the same sex can get married legally in the country.

What Are Some Of The Differences Between A Marriage License and Marriage Certificate?

Yes, there is. A marriage license is simply the document that you are expected to take from the clerk in your county after making a payment. On the other hand, a marriage certificate is a document that shows that you’re married.

Where Can I Get A Marriage License?

You can get your marriage license at your county. All you need to do is pay a small fee to the clerk. Getting your license may actually take a couple of days.  For more information, be sure to visit