Hiring a divorce lawyer in Quebec? Ask these questions!



Even when you are in agreement with your spouse on most matters related to your separation and divorce, you need to get legal help. In Quebec, couples can choose to file a joint divorce petition, or one spouse can ask for divorce, based on grounds such as separation, adultery, and mental & physical cruelty. As per law, a divorce judgement in Quebec cannot be issued, unless separation period of one year has been completed. However, proceedings can be initiated, and if immediate resolutions are required, interim judgements can be sought. 

For your divorce, you definitely need a family law attorney. Experienced attorneys, like divorce lawyer Andrew Heft, are big assets to their clients. In this post, we are discussing further on the questions that must be asked before hiring an attorney. 

  1. ‘Can you share your expertise and experience?’

Attorneys specializing in family law must share their expertise with their clients, and it is completely okay to ask questions in that context. You can ask about their work, the number of divorce cases they have handled so far, and seek references of other clients in Quebec. 

  1. ‘What do you think of my case?’

Matters like distribution of assets & debts, child and spousal support, and child custody, may be similar in divorces, but no two couples or their divorce situations are the same. It is absolutely important to know the possible outcomes of the case, and things that may go wrong. A good and experienced family law attorney will always have a fair, transparent and unbiased talk with the client in the first meeting. Sometimes, they may ask for time to study matters and papers further, but expect genuine advice at the start. 

  1. ‘How much would I need to spend?’

Divorces can be expensive, and it is only smart to ask about the costs involved. If you want to hire a family law attorney, make sure that you can afford them. On a retainer basis, your lawyer may ask for a fixed amount for each appearance, while other arrangements are also possible.

Things that matter

When you meet an attorney for the first time, ask them if they would be filing and fighting the case, or someone else from their office is going to take charge. Also, don’t forget to discuss your interests, expectations, with regards to the case, for which the lawyer can offer genuine legal insight and opinion.