Is it best to use a local conveyancer?

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When instructing a conveyancer for a house purchase, you may think that local would be best as you will be required to drop off documents and visit the office for meetings about your move; however, even before the pandemic, conveyancers would complete the majority of their work by post and email and might never meet their clients face to face.

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Will you get a different service from a national conveyancer?

Unlike an estate agent, local knowledge is of no benefit to a conveyancer. The process of conveyancing is uniform across England and Wales, meaning that the conveyancer you choose will guide you through a standard process. You should not expect a conveyancer on the other side of the country to offer any less of a service than one in your hometown; in fact, by limiting your search to just your local area, you may be missing out on an excellent option.

What should you look for in a conveyancer?

The most important part of your search for a conveyancer is to read reviews to enable you to choose a conveyancer with a solid reputation. Look for testimonials from previous clients and try to find recent reviews.

Conveyancers must also be suitably qualified. Some conveyancers will be part of law firms, such as a conveyancing solicitor London, while others will be part of a firm of conveyancers that does not offer other legal services. Whether they are part of a conveyancing firm or a conveyancing solicitor London, look out for an accreditation from The Law Society to ensure they provide a high-quality service.

What will it cost?

According to The HomeOwners Alliance, average conveyancing fees are between £850 and £1,500. You will find that some conveyancers offer additional services aside from the standard processes, which you may or may not wish to procure; however, you should take the time to ensure you will receive all the services you need to complete your transaction and what the cost of any additional services will be.

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You should also be clear with the conveyancer about how they will inform you whether additional services are required, how you will be billed, and what choice you have about whether to accept these additional services. As part of your search, ask a minimum of three different conveyancers to provide a quote for their basic services so that you can establish the going rate.

Where can you start your search?

Unless you have received a recommendation, looking online is always a good place to start. Be careful of recommendations from estate agents, as an estate agent may own or be partnered with a conveyancer and the recommendation may not be genuine.