Negative effects of MAO Inhibitors


All medications have adverse effects; however, lots of people don’t really feel the adverse effects, or they are able to manage them. Ask your pharmacologist about the negative effects of each medication you take. Side effects are additionally provided in the information that comes with your medication.

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Below are some important points to think about:

    • Usually, the advantages of the medicine are more crucial than any type of minor adverse effects.
    • Side effects may disappear after you take the medication for some time.
  • If negative effects still trouble you as well as you ask yourself if you must keep taking the medication, call your doctor. S/he might have the ability to lower your dose or change your medicine. Do not suddenly quit taking your medication unless your medical professional tells you to.

Call any emergency services right away if you have:

  • Swelling of your face, tongue, lips, or throat
  • Trouble breathing

Call your medical professional right away if you have:

  • Hives
  • Rapid or slow heartbeat
  • Upper body pains
  • Severe migraine
  • Nausea or throwing or vomiting up
  • Tight neck

Typical side effects of this medicine include:

  • Lightheadedness or impaired thinking
  • High blood pressure
  • Hunger changes or weight gain
  • Loss of capability or libido
  • Muscle mass twitching during rest

What to Consider

  • Taking medicine

Medication is amongst the numerous devices your doctor needs to deal with a health issue. Taking medication as your doctor suggests will enhance your health as well as may stop future problems. If you don’t take your medications properly, you might be putting your wellness, as well as probably your life, at risk.

There are lots of reasons individuals have difficulty taking their medication. Yet in many cases, there is something you can do.

  • Guidance for females

Taking medicines for social anxiousness condition while pregnant may enhance the risk of birth defects. If you are expecting, breast-feeding, or trying to get expectant, talk with your medical professional. Medicines may need to be proceeded if your social anxiety problem is extreme. Your physician can help consider the dangers of treatment against the threat of harm to your maternity.

  • Check-ups

Follow-up care is an essential component of your treatment as well as safety. Make certain to make, and most likely, to all visits, as well as call your medical professional if you are having troubles. It’s additionally a good concept to understand your test results as well as maintain a checklist of the medicines you take.