Knowledge related to steps involved in company formation in Dubai


While setting up a company in Dubai, you should be well aware of certain steps that are involved in the process. Some of the processes can be a bit easy whereas some can be a bit different and difficult to understand and execute. The first thing which you need to decide is the form of business you want to set up or you want to carry on. Prior to the business type, you need to have a particular license as well.

Steps which are mandatory to set up a company in Dubai:

  • As mentioned above you need to first finalize which kind of business you need to establish. There is a 2000 activities official Department of Economic Development (DED) list from which you need to choose the activity you are going for.
  • You get a wide rand of options form which you can choose the most appropriate one and for that, you need a company that specializes in Company formation in Dubai so that you can decide the perfect activity for you.
  • Next is company name registration which is also being done by the company formation specialist which you have hired. There are certain obligations and norms related to company name registration in Dubai. For example, you cannot use any abusive or obliged language in your company name also you can’t really go for only initials in your company name. You’ll have to use the full name in your company name.
  • And now the next step is the registration of the company name which you have decided and that registration is also being done by the company formation specialist only
  • Next is deciding where you want to set up your business. There are two possibilities firstly mainstream location and second is free zone locality. Depending upon your requirement and need you can choose any one of the locality and accordingly build your company reputation in there. Both the locality has some of another advantage or disadvantages and you can learn about those from a company formation specialist and then accordingly choose which area would be perfect for your company’s location.