What are the steps to getting a marriage license in NYC


However, even when this service is available, you and your fiance will need to go to the New York City Clerk’s office together to finalize and sign the application before the license will be issued. However, marriage licenses from other states are not valid for weddings taking place in New York so out of state residents that are planning on marriage in New York must take the time to apply for and receive a New York marriage license to be legally married there. If you are wondering where to get a marriage license in New York, you can apply for a New York marriage license at any City or Town Clerk’s office in New York.  If you have any questions about this process, be sure to visit www.usmarriagelaws.com for more information.

Sometimes the wait time at the City Clerk’s office can be long, so if you’d like to speed up the process you can begin filling out the application for the license online You then have to complete the application in person at the City Clerk’s office. New York’s vital records office sells birth, death, divorce, and marriage certificates. You may apply for a New York marriage license at any city or town clerk’s office.

Compromising on the date of birth or year of birth: Because New York City is very large and a lot of people living there have the same names, we had originally asked the City Clerk’s Office to include the date of birth for each of the spouses in the marriage index. Hopefully, now that the City Clerk’s Office knows us, and knows that we’re willing to take them to court if need be, and knows that they really are subject to the requirements of the New York State FOIL, they won’t fall down on the job so badly when they receive this new are committed to getting this post-1996 marriage index data, too. December 14, 2015: Reclaim The Records writes a friendly heads up” e-mail to the New York City Clerk’s Office, letting them know that we would soon be submitting a record request to them under the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).

The city clerk’s office issued 66,600 marriage licenses in 2007 and performed about 40,000 weddings throughout the five boroughs, including 16,000 at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, city statistics show. Background These handwritten marriage license index books were originally compiled and then microfilmed by the New York City Clerk’s Office. The marriage license, signed at the wedding, will be relinquished to the clerk’s office for a marriage certificate.

A final marriage certificate will be mailed, by post, to your home address as given to the clerk’s office at application time. After completing the process, you will leave the clerk’s office with a single page white form—the marriage license—which you will bring to the wedding license to the ceremony where each member of the couple signs the license (no ID is required at the wedding). You can choose to have your wedding at NY City Hall or another location in NYC A NYC City Hall wedding ceremony actually takes place at 141 Worth Street at the Office of the City Clerk, Marriage Bureau”.

If a couple is already legally married to one another and they want to have a second wedding ceremony with an officiant who requires a marriage license, the couple may apply for a second or subsequent license from the town or city where they were married. State Laws marriage requirements to obtain and file a marriage license to receive a certified copy of your marriage certificate from clerk’s office upon request. Both of your parents must be present to consent and have proper identification at the time of application for the Marriage License and at the Marriage Ceremony if the ceremony is performed in the borough office of the clerk.

Located at 141 Worth Street since 2009, the City Clerk’s Office issues a staggering number of marriage licenses to New Yorkers while also hosting a never-ending stream of meaningful ceremonies. No matter where you’re getting married in New York, the same license applies so go to the most convenient local town or city clerk’s office, even if it’s in a different town (or city) from where you’re getting married. Take the Extended Certificate of Marriage to the nearest County Clerk’s Office (60 Center Street) to authenticate the City Clerk’s hand signature that’s on the back, for a fee of $3.

After your wedding ceremony is over (the next few days after), take the completed Marriage License that was filled out by your Officiant, back to the same Clerks Office where you picked up your Marriage License originally.