Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machine: The Best Tasting Espresso


The Nuova Simonelli Appia ll Volumetric espresso machine is a state-of-the-art machine. This high-end machine is for those who want the best of the best and can pay the price. With its high-performance and quality, this machine is sure to last you a lifetime.

This machine is mainly for baristas looking for good, consistent coffee. Being volumetric, this allows baristas to set it to their desired volume and make the same size shots throughout the day. Therefore, the barista no longer has to monitor every shot of espresso, and can now use the time to interact with customers instead. This makes the machine ideal for a number of cafés and setups.


While the machine is on the pricy end of the spectrum, it is designed with multiple features to ensure the best reliabilityand usage possible. Whether you need it to make amazing café quality coffee at home or to run your own business – this machine is a must for anyone. 


This machine comes with an automatic or manual setting. This means that you can program the machine to produce the same amount of coffee, each and every time. However, if you’d like to create different sizes and varieties of coffees, you can manually use the machine to produce any volume of coffee that will best suit you or customers. 

Raised Group Heads:

This magnificent machine comes with raised group heads. This is perfect for usage as you can easily lift up the group head to fit any sized cup underneath. Whether you want to fit a small espresso shot underneath or a tall latte glass, it can fit every and any sized cup.

Cool Touch Wands: 

Have you ever steamed your milk and could barely hold it because of the hot temperature from the wand? No need to worry aboutburning your hands again because these wands are equipped with a cooling technology which reducesthe temperature of the wand during steaming. This ensures safety of usage and reduces the time spent on cleaning the wands. 

Push-Pull Steam:

Ergonomics are another important aspect that is sometimes overlooked. This push-pull system has managed to make the machine more user friendly and easy to use, compared to the outdated form of turning steam wands. 

Automated Cleaning: 

Cleaning an espresso machine can be tedious and time consuming. That is why this machine is built with an automatic cleaning system, that will clean any group of heads with a simple push of a button. It couldn’t get easier than that!


Monitoring your machine and brewing process could never be easier than this machine. With its mirrored back plate, you can quickly check the brewing process of the machine to ensure that it’s working correctly. Additionally, it comes with a bar pump gauge, which lets you see the pressure of the machine. Along with that, it comes with a water level gauge so that you can easily know when the water tank has to be refilled. 

With multiple features to ensure quick and reliable service, this modern, high-end machine will be your friend for life.