Strategies to Use Horse Racing Odds for Exotic Bets


Odds are the core component of horse race betting. Without odds, there will be no betting or gambling.

It is a form of math which helps you to know how much payout you are going to receive once you win the bet.

The professional punters always search for sites or bookmakers, which provides better odds. The term “better odds” means the chance of making more money. If the odds are good, it means you will make more profit by investing less money.

It is easy to understand how odds work when it comes to straight bets. But with exotic bets, you need to be very careful. The odds if exotic bets are always complicated.

You need to use various strategies in order to understand the odds and place exotic bets.

Strategies to Use Odd for Exotic Bets:

Here are some of the strategies you can use in order to use odds to place exotic bets.

  • Box: 

It is a form of a bet. In this form of bet, a bettor will choose the horses to bet on and go with all the winning options, i.e. first, second and third. So for box exacta betting, you will put $1 as a bet on horse number 1 and 2. It will cost you $2 to place the bet. In order to win the bet, horse number 1 should come first followed by horse number 2 coming second. It can also work if horse number 2 comes first and horse number 1 comes second.

So instead, if placing one box bet, you can place three-box bets. These three horses will cover all the first and second position. It will cost you $6.

If you go with box trifecta, you have to choose three horses to win the positions in the race. So here $0.5 bet will cost you $3. If you use four horses instead of three, it will come around $12.

This is how you need to use the odds and decide the wager you want to put in order to avoid heavy losses and gain a strong chance of winning the game.

  • Key:

In this type of bet, you can choose more than one horse. You need to choose one key horse and other horses to claim other positions in the race. So if you go with trifecta key and bet per horse is $0.50, you have to invest $3 to place the bet. It will help you to cover six options. This is how you can use the odds and place the bet.

  • Wheel:

In this bet, you can choose more than one horse who is going to win the race. Along with that, you can use other horses to bet on other open positions. So if you place exacta bet which is wagered $1, you have to invest $5. You will get the winning amount only if the key horse comes first. You can use the odds, to choose the bet type to avoid risks.

These are strategies which will help you to choose the horse racing odds in exotic bets.