Technology helping with enforced lockdowns


Lockdowns have continued to be enforced in many areas of the world, due to the COVID pandemic, that has now been with us for over a year. Improvements do finally appear to be being made, with the vaccine now released and normality now within touching distance. But life as we know it has changed and with these tight restrictions, it has led to work life changing and us having to spend extended periods within our own homes.

Work for example has now been moved home. Offices are now no longer occupied, with meetings also now taking place over the likes of Microsoft teams and Zoom, with travelling becoming less and less frequent. Could this also be a trend that we now see moving forward, even as we return to normality, with people able to work more freely, which could result in a better work/life balance. Certainly, for families with small children. But people do need to get back to work and having people within offices, also helps many other businesses around the area, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds moving into 2022.

This period has meant that we have all had to spend extended periods of time within our own homes and there is no doubting the positive impact that technology has played on this period. It has enabled for us all to stay in contact with one another and in most cases, stay entertained. With have seen endless online platforms also seeing great success, from the likes of gaming, to movie and TV streaming services and many other casino-based platforms. Many online slots services have been offering a host of different bonuses and this has helped them to see a surge in the numbers of players, as these have provided a great means of entertainment for people stuck inside. With many land-based casinos also closed, this has also helped the online industry, and this is likely to be a trend that is set to continue.

Live sport has also been a key go to for many people and the elite action has continued, despite a small closure in the early period of 2020. Movie streaming services are another to have seen some real growth through this period and Netflix has been at the forefront of this, with further expectations of success in 2021 and their stock also recently growing further. There is no doubting the importance that technology has played in the difficult time but let’s hope things improve and we can return to some form of normality.