The Importance of Printing and Packaging Solutions to Build Your Brand Value


Every market – whether it’s the pharma sector, the retail market, cosmetics and health industry, or the food and beverages sector – faces a fierce competition to attract customers and attract them enough that they actually end up not just buying your products, but becoming a loyal customer who’ll keep returning to buy only the products that you manufacture. As alluring as it sounds, it’s not that simple. Customers are really smart people. Hence, they know where to invest their money. 

However, before it comes to giving them a taste of your quality, it’s important that they first discover you. And for that, you need to have such stunning designs and patterns that your cartons look better than most. This is where the folding carton printing services and solutions offered by BRC certified printers like Netpak come into play. 

Some of their best services and solutions that’ll help you in business growth are listed below. Have a look!

  1. Pre-Press Services

The pre press services by Netpak impression et emballage include the making of:

  • Structural design
  • Graphic design
  • Color mock-up 
  • Color management 
  • Blank prototype 
  • Offset lithography 
  • Artwork
  • Die lines 
  • High resolution proofs
  1. Enhanced Printing Services

This is the step where the folding carton prototype designed during pre-printing is sent for manufacture after you’ve approved the design. Some of the exquisite ways in which Netpak make their cartons one of the best in the market are listed below. 

  • They use special inks.
  • They use special printing techniques like the hot stamping technique. 
  • They make the cartons extra special by laminating and embossing them. 

Also, they make the cartons’ UV proofed and use the interactive printing method to attract customers. 

Having said that, we’d also like to make a mention what the Hot Stamping Method is and why is it so popular? 

To begin with, hot stamping is a method where pre-dried ink is transferred onto a carton. When gold foil effect is added on this ink, it makes the entire carton look super classy and shiny. It increases the brand value and visibility of the product. And customers actually pay more for such well designed products. 

Other than these couple of services offered at Netpak, you can actually also buy services like the finishing services and warehousing services. 

Have a look at their website, to explore everything about the many such services and solutions that they offer.