Top 5 Characteristics Of The Most Recent Android-Based Smartphones


There are many online platforms such as Movical that display the characteristics of the most recent android-based Smartphones. Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, One Touch and LG Optimus are the companies that share the most recent stock in the market. People, very genuinely, compare the prices, other features and/or characteristics of the latest Android-based Smartphones with the others.

The following are the characteristics of latest Android-based models:

  1. Triple Camera Function

Most of the latest Xiaomi and Samsung models have triple camera function. There is one selfie camera to the front screen and two cameras to the rear of the Smartphones. The cameras at the back of the Smartphone help you to take pictures any place any time with much ease, comfort and clarity. These cameras come with high density Mega Pixels to promote excellent picture quality.

  1. Wide-Screen Display

Almost all the Xiaomi series and Samsung series come with wide screen display. This characteristic puts less strain on the eyes and helps you watch a full movie on your cell phone screens. iPhones have even gone to an extent of making the body very thin. Moreover, the display is mind-blowing.

  1. Compatible Operating Systems

iOS for iPhones and Android for other Smartphones have been really picking well. These operating systems make each model compatible with the need of current business and personal needs too. You can browse through the characteristics of thousands of Smartphones on many online platforms such as Movical.

  1. Maximum Storage

There are current Samsung and Nokia series that offer the maximum data storage capacity. Android users can fix an external SD card too to save the data on it. This leaves them with two options – internal or built-in storage system and external storage device. This characteristic seems to be little restricted when it comes to iPhones.